Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days!

Looks like school will be out most of the week due to the blizzard that came through on Monday evening. Am I the only mom that makes her homeschooled kids do schoolwork when the local public schools are out? I guess I'm just mean that way. I told them they will just be smarter than their peers!

Finishing school just after noon means still plenty of time to play in the snow. We are all trapped at home, even John, which means he gets to work from home all week.

Anyway, here are a few photos:

The pond is solid ice.

Here Simeon is STANDING in a snow drift.

And digging himself a snow tunnel.

Hope only lasted a few minutes outside. She takes after me that way I guess.

Somebody please let me in!!

I love how the birds come up to the porch to find shelter from the cold. Cardinals are my favorite!

Ava detests the snow but she LOVES snow ice cream!!

Snow Ice Cream

1 gallon fresh snow
1 cup sugar
1 t. vanilla
2 cups milk

Mix together and serve. Yummy!


Anonymous said...

love snow cream. not real fond of snow though. Looks like lots of fun.

We were out of school for snow a few weeks ago. I made my home school kiddos do school. (I even made Sawyer do school work at home) I told them they'd be out long before the public school kids. After the first day, everything was ice and I didn't really want them outside anyway.

Hope you have lots of fun!


Kristy said...

I agree with Ava!!! too much snow for me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful to look at from inside with the warm fire roaring :-) That photo of the cardinal is so lovely...could be made into a calendar photo. Looks like you don't have to put Ava's jammies on backwards anymore. Yea!

Love you
Aunt Sharon

Justine said...

We'll take a homeschool "snow day" in a couple of weeks when we get a really warm day. You can only play outside so long anyway and afternoon is plenty of time for that.

Love the pictures!

csmith said...

We do extra work on yucky days so we can have free time on nice days. The exception is when we have "real" snow because we hardly ever do. Right now our weather is crazy. 75 degrees and sunny last weekend and right now it is 30 and sleeting, go figure.

JennyH said...

Although I only homeschool 1 child, I do make her do work on those days. However, with 3 brothers here also wanting attention we sometimes do do nearly as much!

We made snow ice cream for the first time this week. It was SO yummy. We used a different recipe. I'll have to try yours b/c we don't have any more sweetened condensed milk.

Love all the room you guys have to play. We don't have that much space for kids to run around (just a typical front and backyard). I did as a kid and loved it.

Stay warm!
ps.... I have some more coupons I plan on mailing to you soon.