Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My musicians

I love technology!! (At times)

My Mom and my Grandma Skyped the kids today to hear the pieces they played at the Music Festival over the weekend that earned them each first place in their categories/instruments (Jude-piano, Liesel-guitar). When I think back to the 80s when I used to imagine the future, I don't remember imagining a scene like this!!!....

.....A computer screen sitting on a bunkbed holding two 'live', admiring grandmas! 

We messed up by using an new and unfamiliar video camera. Not only did we not press the right button until halfway through the song, but we ran out of memory on the card and thus were only able to record one kid for only half of the song. Here he is....

 We were shocked when he was chosen for first place. He has only had just over a year's worth of piano lessons! So proud of this boy.  The music genes are certainly NOT from me. Maybe they skipped a generation, or they are from John. Not from me, not even a little bit.

Liesel also won first place in guitar. (I suppose I don't have to mention that she was the only guitarist competing.) Regardless, we are proud. She played well, and both kids will be going to compete at the state level. How exciting for all of us!

We were able to pick up my 96 yr. old Grandma from her nursing home and take her along with us. (I am referring to the other Grandma, the local one. Is it unbelievable that both my grandmothers are still living and healthy!) We took her with us to the afternoon part of the music festival. It was special that she was there to see Jude perform, and then win first place. We stopped at Braums for lunch and ice cream and I took this picture of the whole gang.

She is hilarious. Grandma said, "People are gonna wonder whether you are running a nursing home or a children's home!" We DID get a few funny looks!


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of Jude and Leisel. Roberta told me she and G'ma Nagle would be listening to the kids thru Skype. I do think the music gene runs in your family, Charissa..your mom is extremely musical, both with piano and voice.
Love that photo of the family getting Ice Cream. G'ma Rovenstine looks awesome. So proud of your family.
Love you all, Aunt Sharon

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all those wonderful musicians! Good luck in the states!


Tim Rovenstine said...

Yeah, that Grandma could get away saying something hilarious like this. I heard her say, "Charissa, I thought I was an old boot, but I think you have me beat!"

Tim Rovenstine said...
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Leslie said...

So excited for the kiddos. That is awesome. And I love Skype....makes our family seem a little closer.