Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A few things we learned today about Joseph and Zoya

-Zoya has a big appetite
-Joseph has an aversion to crunchy foods
-Zoya is very obedient if she understands what she is being told
-Joseph cries when he is very, very tired
-Zoya's 3T clothes are way, way too big
-Joseph likes to brush hair
-Zoya loves Skype
-Joseph doesn't give a rip about Skype
-Neither have had a bath before
-Zoya and Joseph both love and hate the bath
-Both demonstrate they are used to brushing their teeth (thank goodness!)
-Zoya has turned out to be the more energetic of the two!
-Joseph is actually not potty trained
-Zoya is more bonded to Liesel
-Joseph is more bonded to John and Heather
-They are ticklish

Thankfully John and the bunch unintentionally ran into our missionary friends at the Embassy today. They went to lunch afterwards and Judy wrote down a few essential words and phrases on a paper napkin to get them through the long flight home. Thank you Judy!!! Great phrases.


Jo's Corner said...

I cannot imagine how tiny Zoya is. 3T's are too big//!! I look forward to seeing her little body grow. I will definitely be Praying for the kids as they fly HOME. YAY! Praise God! They have a HOME! And, a Mommy and Daddy and siblings who will love them...Always and Forever!
Hugs to All ~ Jo

Zack Dove said...

Also try "posh-lee"- means lets go. And Su-Dah- means come here. We found those two to be very helpful as well as the ones you have on the napkin.

Deb D. said...

I love what you all have already begun to discover about your new babes. The bath one surprised me initially. I bet Joseph will come to love (!) those. :-)

Mamapierce said...

I remember that meat was too difficult to chew for Iryna. She needs to eat meat, but they didn't get it in the orphanages, so it took time for her to be able to handle it here. Meatballs are great! :D

Nee-TROH-guy means "don't touch". :D

Anonymous said... sweet that you know so much about them already. The more pictures I see of Zoya, the more I see she is really REALLY tiny. I was wondering how the length of 3t fit. Sure hope the flight home goes well!


June Berger said...

I'm so excited that you will all be together soon!! Praying for calmness for all as they travel and an uneventful trip home.

Anonymous said...

We are all so excited for you!

We keep checking John's updates, it is like watching Santa on NORAD :)

Samantha & Family in England.

Charissa said...

Samantha, your comment cracked me up. I know right? Only he is not mentioning anything about how the children are traveling. It is stressing me out!

Unknown said...

I'm inviting all of the people I follow over to my giveaway! Hope to see you there! (btw-love the chosen phrases!lol!)

Anonymous said...

They all should be on their way home at this minute, right? Hope the Lord gives them sleepiness in their little bodies so they will sleep most of the way home. Can't wait to see the homecoming photos!
Aunt Sharon

Michelle Z said...

Just a little thought - Lilya wouldn't eat crunchy foods, until we cleared up her infected throat & ear.

I hope your travelers arrive safely!