Monday, August 2, 2010

Meanwhile....back at the ranch...

Charissa here.

I spoke with John early this morning. He was at the Embassy needing one more document from our insurance company in order to get visas issued for the kids. He has not been able to get this letter yet. The insurance company said they will not write the letter until AFTER the children are in our custody.  But we can't take custody of the children until we have the letter. Hmmmm. It's the ultimate Catch 22.

Also the passport was NOT ready today, which means the earliest they can leave is Thursday, and that is if we can get the insurance letter situation resolved.

If anyone local would like to meet us at the airport to welcome the crew home you are welcome, just send me an email and I'll let you know the arrival info as soon as I hear. It looks like it's going to be Thursday night.

We have been missing the rest of our family so badly! The kids miss Liesel so they each wrote her a letter. They said I could copy it here. I thought they were too cute to not post.

From Hope:

I love Liesel. She, Ava and Zoya is the best sister in the world. And Joseph Simeon and Jude is the best brothers in the world. I love Simeon Liesel Jude Ava myself Liesel Zoya Simeon and Jude and Joseph and Dad and Heather. And all the Ukrainians. We have been watching Roku, riding the motorbikes, going to the barn, grooming the horses and playing with the Piche's. I love you all.
Love Hope
From Simeon:
Hi liesel how are you doing? How is Ukraine? Do you like the food? All the animals are doing great, we go to feed, water, and groom them every night. Red is being good, Jack is being a butt, and Tc is acting lonely. Are Joseph and Zoya fun. I cant wait to see you. We have cought 4 mice this week. By
Hi Liesel It's Jude. I want to play webkinz more.I think you're to far away cause you're on the other side of the world so we can't. Last night we went to goldies the lady asked what I wanted to drink I said bud wizer. are Joseph and Zoya cute? I can't wait to see them I love you by.

This past weekend we had a family reunion on my side of the family. We are truly blessed with a great family. There are a few missing from this picture, including Grandpa who passed away eight years ago. My Grandma, 94 years old, never ceases to amaze me. She not only remembers how many grandkids and great grandkids she has, but also remembers their names and a little about what is going on in each of their lives. Nanny has seven children, twenty-seven grandchildren, forty-something great grandchildren, and now she has her first great-great grandchild. Caleb, pictured on the far right is with his mother Amber in the yellow.

How sweet our time was together, ending in devotions and communion led by Pastor/Cousin Nate, and Uncle Wendell dedicating baby Caleb. Do you think we can squeeze two more into this family photo?

Cousins' pie eating contest....
Zipline...thanks Uncle Tom.

Friday night barbeque, courtesy of Uncle Joe.

Thanks to Jason and Mick for planning a fabulous reunion and for everyone else who worked hard to make it happen. We should do it again soon.

The concrete floors are ruined again. We came back from Ukraine to the sight of a white powdery film all over the house. We are trying to get to the root of the problem, which most likely has to do with moisture, but we have spent all our money on concrete specialists and adoptions, so the floors and baseboards must wait. Meanwhile we had to rip out all the carpets downstairs that got flooded, so the bedrooms are concrete too. It has been downright depressing! We were hoping to get all our floor issues resolved before we returned with the kids but oh well the house will have to wait for a while longer.....

The bedrooms, however, and closets are all ready for our new arrivals....

Jude is sooooOOOOOOooooooo excited. He told me last night, "Mom, I have wished for a little brother for a very long time, and now my wish is about to come true." Simeon said: When Joseph and Zoya arrive at the airport I think I might pass out from excitement.

My mom knitted Joseph the little blue striped blanket on the bed, and Hope picked out a teddy bear for each of the newest kids to help them get through what is sure to be a scary transition.

And even Zoya got a blanket too, even though Mom didn't have much time to prepare. Thanks Mom, it is so special that you have made blankets for each one of my seven children. Only three more sleeps and two little heads will be sleeping on these pillows, two little bodies covered with these blankets, and two pairs of arms hugging these little teddy bears. How sweet. I can't wait.


Shelly said...

I'm sorry to hear about the mess with your floors but soon you will have two new children at the house and no time for floors!! I don't know if you knew but myself and my boys went through something similar with our floors. We didn't have moisture or anything like that but we pulled up the carpet in the livingroom and hall and stained it (because we have 4 dogs) but it did not turn out good at all! So we decided since we have all these dogs to go with stick down squares, beleive it or not it looks awesome! And so much easier to take care of. If you get a chance look on facebook, there are some photos there. Anyway I wish I could come meet the kids but I'll be working late, I hate that Simeon is not playing soccer this season but I understand why. I hope to see you guys soon, and as always prayering for Joseph and Zoya to be home. (and of course John, Liesel and Heather) God bless you all :)

JennyH said...

Those blankets are beautiful. I'm SO excited that in a few short days Joseph and Zoya will be HOME!!

That reunion looks awesome. That is a lot of family!

Anonymous said...

Charissa, the blog is wonderful. I loved the photos of the family reunion and actually could spot some familiar faces :-) Thank you for taking the time to share all of this...and for sharing the kid's letters to Liesel. They are precious. Wish I could join all of you for the homecoming...but...well, California financials are beckoning before we get timeoff. I'm so sorry about those floors. But, I did like the interesting look they had. I know you're counting the minutes until your family is all together again. Love you all, Aunt Sharon

jennifer... said...

Cute letters. It seems that Hope feels she has more like 10 brothers and sisters. Leaves room for a few more, huh?

Anonymous said...

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