Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our weekend

Simeon has made quite an impression on Zoya. She really likes him a lot. His kitchen job is sweeping, and he lets her ride the broom as he sweeps around the table.
Wow, look at all these kids! This was Saturday morning's family meeting. I think we're getting too big to have family meetings on our bed. This was one about how we all need to keep our bedroom doors shut and our stuff hidden or put up high out of the reach of the little ones. Looks like some of us were happier about family meeting than others.

My sweet friend Justine brought us dinner tonight. I asked her to please stay and eat with us. Thanks Justine! Justine adopted 9 year old Timothy from Hong Kong 6 months ago. He happens to have an extra chromosome just like Ava and Joseph. Look at these three little cuties all in a row. We kept marveling at how different yet how the same they all were! Aren't they cute? Timothy is so smart. 

Justine and her kids picked Joseph last year to sponsor for the Christmas Angel Tree Project for Reece's Rainbow. She kept saying, "I can't believe it. He hung on our tree....and now he's sitting at your kitchen table!" ha :) Oh it was so fun to hang out with Justine and be with her sweet kids.

The older girls hung out with T.C.....

While the boys and the littler kids played in the water hose of course.

Guess who else LOVES playing in the water.

Joseph and Tim are a perfect pair. Joseph loves to spray, and Tim loves to be sprayed. :) They could have done this all day long. 
Thanks Justine for a fun evening (and an AMAZING dinner!). I am blessed to call you friend.


Lisa said...

Does Justine have a blog by chance??? I haven't met anyone else yet who is or has adopted from Hong Kong (we're in process now). I'd love to "get to know" her and see what the experience is like!!!

Anonymous said...

What great fun!!!


Pan Cratius said...

I dreamed of Zoya last night, she was speaking to me in English, and I was understanding her.

Alice said...

I have often wondered how they were doing. Justine followed my blog while we were in Estonia. I'm so glad I got to see pictures of Timothy.

Molly said...

Those pictures are precious!!! I especially love Zoya's face in the first one. She really is your bonus girl, she seems to be thriving. Now if we can just get some meat on those bones :-)

jennifer... said...

Love the bed picture! Did you end up singing "These are a few of my favorite things..."?

Anonymous said...

yea for good friends!

Love the family meeting photo and Hope's expression. Feisty girl! lol

Justine said...

Love the pictures! You are a great photographer! We all had a fabulous time and can hardly wait to see you all again!