Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good questions

I was thrilled to log on this morning and see 14 comments from people who had already either voted or tried to vote. Thank you all!! You are the best blog readers ever!

To answer a couple of questions and comments that were left:

AussieKirstie said...

is it The Lighthouse Christian Academy
Brentwood, New Hampshire
thats the closest i could find im happy 2 use all my votes for u i just want to make sure i have it right
good luck from down under

Nope. It is The Little Light House in Tulsa OK. (See below comment to clarify what the problem may have been).

Lisa said...

Hi Charissa! I voted! Just an FYI it comes up as Little Light House with the lighthouse separated and took me a while to find it since it won't come up the other way. :) Good luck
Thanks Lisa for pointing this out! My bad.

Monica said...

Just voted five times :-) Are you going to send Joseph and Zoya to this school also?

I WISH!!! Unfortunately the school is a preschool only and only children up to age 6 can attend. Because it is privately funded there is a waiting list of about 18 months. Most families put their children on the waiting list as soon as their children are diagnosed with a disability right after birth or even in utero. So Joseph and Zoya, who will both soon be 6, will be too old by the time their wait is up. :(

Milena said...

I couldn't vote because I haven't got a Facebook account. Is there any other way to vote?

I don't think so. But you could get a facebook account and then we could be facebook friends too!
Here is the link again 
Look for The Little Lighthouse. Don't forget you can vote 5 times. And please spread the word by clicking on share. It will automatically post to your FB account.
Click here to view the website of The Little Lighthouse. And you'll be hearing a lot more in the next few weeks about my favorite school in the world. :)


Lindsey said...

I voted! The school looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

The Netherlands voted 5 times too ;)


Traci Gossin said...

I just voted and hacked into my daughters account and voted for her too!!!!!

AussieKirstie said...

ok so ive now voted and shared it on FB i'll be logging into my housemates account later and doing the same so theres 10 votes from down under
good luck i really hope the school gets one of the prizes

Gretchen said...

I voted 5 times a few hours ago...good luck!

junglemama said...

I just voted! Hope it wins!