Wednesday, October 29, 2008

IEP experience, anyone?

Here is a letter I wrote to Ava's school:

Thank you for the info you sent home about Ava. The kids and I have enjoyed singing her songs to her. I noticed she puts her hands on her shoulders sometimes on the "I am Special" song. :) cute.

A couple of questions....the OT wondered where pages 1 and 2 were on the IEP. Also, WHEN IS THE IEP meeting scheduled? Any idea yet? It seems like it is taking so long! Does it typically take so long or does only the squeaky wheel get the oil? I'm not a very squeaky wheel but I am anxious for her to get started on therapies. After all, that is the main reason I felt the need to put her in school for now. Hope to hear something soon!

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

From the many IEP's I have experienced - it definitely takes the squeaky wheel. And you have to squeak over and over - sometimes going straight to the top also helps.

Let me know if you need any help.

Aunt Peg

Anonymous said...

maybe homeschooling her would be best! my experience with iep's is when they actually are scheduled the result isn't what it should be. :S can be very frustrating! God has equipped you as parents to be everything she needs and more!!

June Berger said...

I find you can squeak in a nice way ;o) . That was a very nice letter and I'm sure they heard a little squeak with it. I usually give a small grace period, but once I think it's beyond that I let them know I needed oiled! I've found I can be a bit more squeaky when it comes to my children.

Shelley said...

Email me when you get a chance! You're being too nice and instead, you need a letter that's "legally sound" to get the timeline going. We're shuffling through the IEP process and a school that likes to drag their feet, but I have found that when I go the "legal" route, they suddenly start jumping. And, it's much easier than it sounds.
I'd be happy to share with you what we're learning as we wade through the process.

Meredith said...

You're so sweet. I'm jumping the hoops too. We now have private therapies going for Emma that we pay $60/week for! Ugh! And she still has not a single therapy through 'school' (she has a homebound teacher come out 2x/week). I hope you'll take Shelley up on her offer and also hop over on ROA as I know the ladies there have a wealth of experience to help you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Charissa,
I have a ton of IEP experience from teaching public school special ed. I also LOVE to keep up with all the rules and regulations now that I am at TLLH so that I can help parents through that process. I would be happy to help in any way that I can! Just send me an email or give me a call at school. I'll help you be nice AND get what Ava needs!

Hope you are all doing well...we miss seeing you at FLIP!

~Miss Kate

Liane said...

I have 2 children in NJ with IEP's. I am not sure how your state works, but I think it is universal with the timelines. The school has 10 days to reply to your letter regarding having an IEP Planning meeting, once that is done and you sign the consents, they have 90 days to complete the testing needed for the IEP. You are then required to have a copy of the PROPOSED IEP at least 10 days prior to your Final IEP meeting to sign and put into effect the IEP.
FYI, know that you and your child have rights and you should have been given a copy of them upon signing consents for testing.
Basically, you need to stay on top of them, let them know you know your rights and the time line requirements. Most schools will push you off as long as the can to complete those who DO know their rights and are pushing them to adhere to the requirements.
OH, and make sure that you put everything in writing and keep copies. Make your letters direct and to the point so they know you are not one of those parents that wants to sit and wait until they are ready to get around to you.
Good Luck !!
Liane :)