Thursday, October 23, 2008

My favorite soccer players

After the soccer tournament on Sunday, Simeon insisted that he would carry Ava back to the car. I don't know too many 10 year old boys, but I have a feeling not every one of them would so proudly carry their handicapped sister in front of all "the guys". I especially love how he often sneaks over on his water breaks to wave or to kiss Ava on the cheek. Who cares if he lost every game in the tournament? I am really, really proud of this boy!
And here is another boy that I love, proudly loving on his sister in front of all his teammates. He too has lost every game this season but he is still a soccer star to me, not to mention to his little 4 yr. old sister...

And look who is finally getting up on her HANDS AND KNEES!! She still army crawls to get anywhere but this is such a huge step towards 4 point crawling and eventually pulling herself up....and someday walking.....We'll get there...I just know we will!


Pan Cratius said...

I've been waiting for this phase of her developement. Wow.

Amy said...

Your boys look so cute with her!

Yay Ava on all fours!

June Berger said...

I love how our kids don't even "notice" (or care), that their siblings are "different". It makes me so thankful and proud! Great boys! Thank you Lord!

Beth said...

Great brothers! Great quadruped positioning!

Once she gets a good crawl going, have her keep at it for quite a while--the crawling stage helps with all kinds of future development. I know some parents who have their kids with Ds crawl for a half-mile or more each day to make sure the motor patterns are really embedded. My own daughter didn't ever have a good crawl (she had a 3/4 crawl with a scootch), and to this day (age 10 now) does not have good motor skills.

I love what homeschooling does to boys--makes them not give a hoot what other people might think!

Susan said...

The bond between your boys and Ava really shows in the loving expressions on all of their faces. You have great sons - I predict they will be wonderful men, too, with their upbringing.

Ava looks so determined! She also looks much more like a little girl (closer to her actual age) instead of like a toddler in these pictures (even though she's not actually toddling quite yet). I can't wait to see a video of her newfound four-point crawling skills, and predict she'll be pulling up to get to interesting things just above her reach before you know it.

I seem to be big on predictions today! :-)

Susan in Ky
Cousin to Two from Ukraine

Justine said...

What great boys you have! I'm so proud of them for you!

Way to go, Ava!


WheresMyAngels said...

Look at her on her knee's How sweet!