Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reflections of a homeschooling mom

I love being a homeschool mom because I get to witness things like this:

The other day we were in the car running errands listening to classical music and 4 yr. old Hope asked, "Mommy, is this Vivaldi?" Recently she pointed to Canada on the globe and said, "This is Iceland. This is where Santa Claus lives."

Here Jude is brushing Ava's hair in the style of William Shakespeare.
And here he is making her look like Beethoven. Seriously. This is not a lie.
We have no idea what the difference is between a preposition and a pronoun, but we know that William Shakespeare had a mullet.


June Berger said...

ROFL, yes homeschooling definitely has it's interesting moments ;o)

Marlita said...

How fun!! Ava could be Beethoven for Halloween!

Amy said...

Too cute!

Christina said...

Very cute...I love seeing the fruits of my labor in teaching my girls rewarding!

Anonymous said...

Ava's hair looks cute ! =]
Love ya'll !

Pan Cratius said...

Do they know which of their great Uncles got his arm caught in a wringer? Do they know what a wringer is?