Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ava and Hope meet Santa Claus

Here are the little girls getting ready to see Santa Claus. I curled their hair and dressed them in matching dresses, ribbons, and everything.

As you can see, neither Santa nor Mrs. Claus were a big hit with Ava. She grabbed ahold of Mrs. Claus' hair so tight and wouldn't let go. John had to pry her fingers off. I can say with all certainty that Mrs. Claus does not wear a wig.

Hope was so excited about seeing Santa. And in case anyone is wondering, she DID ask for an orphan for Christmas, she really did. No mention of the watch or the swimming pool. I'm not sure Santa heard her, it was so loud in that room but I sure heard her loud and clear.


Tim Rovenstine said...

Wow, that beard she looks sheen, clean, manicured and shines. Did Hope try to pull on the beard to see if it was a wig?

Robin said...

that girl has priorities. :)
they looked beautiful

Christina L said...

Too precious.

Carson's Mom said...

Well, I am sure that Santa will want to give Hope her wish for Christmas.... We will all be waiting to see who the lucky child will be.:)


JKI said...

Uh oh, So which Orphan will Santa be bringing?? :) :You know, there's this website called Reece's Rainbow.... ;)

Hope is such a little sweetie. What a good sister she is to Ava.

ps- Our daughter pinched Santa this year. Out of.. excitement? Intense love? Abject Fear? A mixture of all of the above?? Santa was very nice about it, but I'm sure he was happy to see us go.

Kelly S

JKI said...

Yes, please do post a link to the Aleksey post on your blog, the more exposure the better. You know he would make an excellent Christmas gift for Hope... I can even design your adoption music video with the "This is Home" song for you ;)