Monday, December 15, 2008

A crafty day

What is it about cold and snowy days that make moms feel so craft-y? From the blogs of the local moms I read today, I take it we all had the same idea! When I called my sister today she was making cinnamon rolls with her kids. Here is what we were doing during while it snowed and sleeted.

These are little homemade bird feeders which are now hanging on my front porch. You take a slice of bread, cut it with a cookie cutter, leaving the bread inside. Pour melted peanut butter, then sprinkle nuts, seeds, rice, raisins, whatever you have. This was so fun, and now we get to hopefully enjoy watching our hungry visitors eat!

We also made a little nativity scene out of toilet paper tubes (we have plenty of those around!). I saw this in a magazine but I couldn't remember exactly how it was done so we made up our own version of it. Don't Mary and Joseph look happy staring down at their little peanut wrapped in swaddling cloths? If you look closely you'll see Mary is shedding a hot glue gun tear.


Jill said...

How wonderful to be so crafty! I love your nativity set!

Terra said...

I LOVE your nativity set. I've never seen that before. Too cute! I agree snow+mom= crafts I don't know what it is either. ;)
For me it is a way to keep my energetic little sweetheart from destroying my house.

Jester 5 said...

The nativity set is very cute! Looks like something my mom would have done.

Tim Rovenstine said...

Ingenity runs wild there in your household. Wow...super Wow.

mom2four said...

wow, that is so cool! We didn't so much get crafty as playing some games and just having much needed quality time :)

Michelle said...

Charissa - I didn't know that Joseph had a mustache...or was that one, Mary? I figure it's okay to tease with you since you have a fun sense of humor :o) I love your craftiness, and your kids will appreciate it for years to come!

PS - I'm so excited for Ava to be home for her first Christmas! Didn't you guys get the call that you were traveling to get her on Christmas Day last year?

Amy said...

Too cute!
I wish I were crafty! :)

I also tagged you on my blog - so you'll have to check that out!!

Take care!

little dalene said...

Don't be surprised if your grandkids call you you "nanny." Haha! JK. I'm the one taking things out of the trash! :)