Tuesday, December 2, 2008


NEVER, EVER tell four kids, "Why don't you bring down the Christmas decorations from the attic while I lay down for a little rest", while casually asking a football-watching husband to supervise....

Here are the 'after' photos, although I think the 'after nap' photos would have made a more interesting blog entry. Too bad I wasn't in a mood to take pictures. :)

Oh yeah....we have 5 kids. Looks like we need another stocking on that fireplace.
And this last picture has nothing to do with Christmas decorations, but I think Jude looks so cute with his shorts and cowboy boots.
Reminds me of somebody else I know.


Christina L said...

My kids decorated our tree by themselves this year. They did a pretty good job. They and I forgot to put key elements on before the ornaments, but that's okay. Atleast it is prelit.

Mary Beth said...

Looks like Caleb started a new fashion in your house. Cute! At least you have your tree up now. You are ahead of me.

Jester 5 said...

At our house every year gets better. They are now tall enough to decorate the tree themselves (after the lights and stuff are on). Oh, and only after the youngest went to bed. :)

By the way, I love your fireplace!