Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I just finished crying happy tears after watching little Sam's adoption video, who recently came home from Armenia to his forever family. Click here to see it. (Make sure you grab some Kleenex first!)

Then I cried sad tears over this little orphaned boy to the left, Aleksey. He has spina bifida. If nobody adopts him within the next few months he will be sent to the institution. I asked permission to link to Sam's mom's blog, hoping to get the word out about Aleksey. He looks too precious to pass up. Just think how sweet he would look, dressed in BOY clothes, in the arms of his forever family.

If you know someone considering adoption, please spread the word about this sweet little boy.


Shelley said...

Oh, how I love this little guy! We've been praying for him too.

Michelle said...

psst! Leaving you a bloggy award, gimmie 5 minutes. ;)

Christine said...

Oh Charissa,

I held his hand! He is so precious, I would love to bring him home. I will post about him on my blog again as well.

Christina L said...

That song is my children's favorite by Switchfoot. Awesome.