Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Simeon

Dear Simeon,
I had so much fun taking you to the Athletic Store tonight and shopping for new soccer shoes-blue, size 6- to start out your new soccer season. I was so proud of how you walked out on the field and introduced yourself, "Hi, I'm Simeon", to your new teammates. I hope you will always be confident like that.

We have had a great year and I am starting to see that rambunctious energetic boy turning into a mature young man. At Hobby Lobby yesterday you told me, "Mom, it's so tempting. I just feel like running down the aisles with a baseball bat, knocking all the vases off and smashing them into little pieces. It's just what boys want to do." See? You are learning self control and I am so proud of you.

My favorite thing about you is your tenderness and compassion. I love that you wanted to share your party with your newest sister but I wanted to spare you the embarrassment of having a half pink cake or having any of your friends tease you. Maybe next year we'll do it.

I wish I had taken a picture last night of your expression when Dad walked in holding a brand new fishing pole and tackle box for your birthday. You sure do love to fish! One day I hope I'll get to fish with you without Hope and Ava tangling up the lines and squishing the minnows.

I remember so well that 28 hour labor 11 years ago. It was exhausting but it was so worth it! I'm glad you're my son!
Love, Mom
P.S. Sorry that the 'Y' candle broke on Happy Birthday. I guess it was a Happ Birthday instead


Bethany said...

Happy birthday!

PS...did you find a camera?

Marlita said...

Happy Birthday Simeon. Thanks for having us over!

The Monroe 6 said...

I like the Hobby Lobby story!! That is hysterical!!
Happy Birthday Simeon!

Christine said...

Happy happy birthday! I can see you have some very close together just like us! Have fun!

jennifer... said...

Just couldn't help laughing about that little confession!  I sure like him - always have.

Pan Cratius said...

Yeah, going to Waffle House, was a fun way to celebrate your birthday.

Christina said...

Happy Birthday, a few days late! That cake looked yummy, even without the Y! LOL