Friday, February 27, 2009

Little kids and cardboard boxes

The last large appliance in our house was a new refrigerator purchased 2-3 summers ago. Of course it came with a built in giant cardboard box perfect for kids to play in. I will never, EVER be able to get a certain vision out of my head, the vision that I saw when I looked out the back kitchen window one day that summer. All of my children, even a couple of neighbor kids, happily crawling one by one, through the cardboard tunnel. Isn't it wonderful how kids can find so much joy in the little things, I thought. Suddenly I noticed the boy standing on the outside with a big breadknife from my kitchen, carving windows into the side, while the unsuspecting children crawled by the sawing knive.

Oh boy. Thankfully nobody got hurt. But wow. You certainly have to be on your toes as long as there are children nearby.

Apparently even little Ukrainian children love cardboard boxes!

And I am loving my brand new stacked washer and dryer given to me by my mother-in-law for Christmas! She ordered it the day after Thanksgiving and it finally arrived last week! She told me that if anybody needed two washing machines it was me. HA. Thanks MN! You are right, I didn't realize it until now, just how much I needed it! What a blessing it has been!


Marlita said...

I know where to go if my machine breaks down! They are nice.

Amanda said...

I love watching children playing with boxes ... their imaginations go wild!

I love the new washer and dryer, it fits into that little area so nice!

Amanda-Adopting Ean and Mila

Melissa Mc said...

That's awesome! I still remember the house you made for Simeon out of the refrigerator box when he was about 1 I think. If you have any pictures of that you should post it.

Kerry Shealy said...

My in-laws own a furniture store and every now and then they send the delivery boys over with HUGE boxes for the kids to play in. It always gives the kids hours of fun!

I love the new washer and dryer! Aren't you thankful you don't have to wash everything by hand???

RoverHaus said...

Happy new washing machine day!!!

Stephanie said...

We just got new appliances too and Kylie slept in the box that the range came in for 5 days!! And only 5 days because I needed to reclaim my living room and throw the box out!

Larsen Family said...

Cardboard boxes rock!!! Ours love them too. What a giant blessing to have two washers and dryers and to have the space for both.

I have to do laundry today, too. Yuck.

Christine said...

I am jealous. ;)