Friday, February 13, 2009

I keep messing this up. Sorry. HERE is the code from Rachel's blog. (Now do you understand why my blog is so plain with no cute little buttons everywhere? I have no idea what I'm doing!) Thanks again Rachel.

Rachel made this cute little Yulia button. I don't have any idea how to give the code for anyone who wants to put it on their blogs but Rachel made it very easy. Just scroll down to the bottom of her post to get the code. Thanks Rachel. By the way, you'll get a real treat by visiting her blog, trust me.

And thank you to those who have already donated so generously! Over $650 already! Can you believe it?! With a big enough grant there is no reason why Yulia should have to spend the rest of her days alone. Thanks everyone!


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

ok, so I can only do $10 right now and Hubby may kill me as things are so bad, BUT I so want to bring home one of these little ones myself and can't so I can help someone else do so and who knows maybe God will bring her home to me someday! or one like her! and hey a chance at a camera and video to get wonderful shots of my amazing baby boy! What better :) You are wonderful for doing this :)

Noah's mama

Pan Cratius said...

I had fun with Hope, looking forward to Simeon's birthday...tomorrow

Christina L said...

Congrats in raising the full amount.