Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Simeon

Dear Simeon,
Happy birthday! These last 12 years have been loads of fun. You are just as sweet and just as goofy now as you were then. Thanks for all the laughs and for teaching me to enjoy the little things in life. I love you.


Pan Cratius said...

Twelve years have gone by rather quickly, and Simeon has been a good teacher.

Heather said...

I remember visiting you guys when you brought him home from the hospital. I cant believe he is 12! Time has gone by so fast. Hope he had a great 12th birthday.


kirsten said...

Happy Birthday Simeon!!!
from Wilson

Jodi said...

Hilarious pic of the pumps!! Brings back the memories...


Wife to the Rockstar said...

HA HA . I love the breast pump photo!