Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow days

I've never been real fond of the cold and snow but we had a wonderful time being snowed in over the weekend. One of the advantages, or disadvantages depending on how you look at it, of living in the country, is that there is nobody to clear your road for you, thus sometimes rendering us housebound. Here's some pictures I took over the weekend.

I love this dog in so many ways, I should probably devote an entire post just for her. Any dog who can withstand sleet and snow and subfreezing temperatures without scratching on my front door is always welcome around here. God gave her an extra thick wooly coat which makes her very content to stay outside and makes me very content to keep her here. (especially since she still reeks like the skunk who sprayed her two weeks ago).
The boys had fun sledding and building igloos....
While the girls enjoyed making Valentines for the grandmothers....:)
Liesel has decided she wants to be a writer instead of a vet when she grows up after realizing animals stink and are a lot of work.
And of course, whatever Liesel wants to do----Hope wants to do. 

John and Liesel have become quite the farm buddies. I love watching them walk to the barn and back together  to feed and water all the creatures and collect eggs from the hens.

She and Jude helped their dad build a little pen for Romeo, complete with heating lamps and rabbits for company. How cute and cozy does this look? The animals are all adjusting very well and seem to be very happy in their new home. And I just want to add: John got up twice in the night to go check on the little goat to make sure he wasn't too cold. And that is one of the many reasons why I love him so much.


Qadoshyah said...

The bunny & goat area looks terrific!

My sister makes "goat coats" out of old sweaters/sweat shirts. She cuts the arms off, then cuts holes for the two front legs to fit through. They work great to add just a bit of extra warmth to the goaties ;).

We got close to a foot of snow out here! Definitely stuck in for a few days, but it was great :).

Deb D. said...

Thank you for sharing more. I see those pics of your home and your children, and read of how Liesel and John go to the barn together, Simeon and Jude built igloos and sledded (?), and how the girls made Valentines' cards, and I just love how full your lives are, and the childhood these children are being blessed with. It truly is moving to see.
Okay, and look at how well Miss Ava is holding a pencil! Wow!
How is her walking coming along?
One can see how much your family continues to grow, mature, and develop. Such a joy to share in. Thank you.

Larsen Family said...

Can't wait until we are in the country. I don't like the snow either, but it was beautiful!

spahrfamily said...

That's a beautiful post. Loved everything about it.

Beth said...

What a total sweetheart your husband is! (And this isn't spam! ;)