Friday, January 16, 2009

The best homeschool field trip ever.

My friend Delahne is pretty much the best field trip planner I know (said in the voice of Napoleon Dynamite). She got us in for a tour of a local power plant this week. And just wait until next week's...........


Chad and Dana said... awesome field trip...CALL ME! That looked so interesting!!

Melissa said...

Well, thanks for inviting us along! :)

Robin said...

there were no...interesting moments to share? I told the story from last time (the bread place) to all my friends.

"my friend Charissa from high school is this awesome mom, and she home schools all her kids, and she took her kids on a field trip, and...."

Sometimes now (ever since you posted that post about your name)I just want to call you Karissa, just, well just because!

Christina L said...

Sign me up.

jennifer... said...

Simeon and Sam look like dues-paying union workers, which is pretty much my favorite occupation. 

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