Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It has been fascinating to watch Ava's level of language comprehension grow increasingly over the last several months. From crawling to her chair when I say "It's time to eat", to squealing when I tell her "the bus is coming", to going nuts when we turn onto the long gravel road that leads to "home"!

The other day we were driving down the road when she heard a dog bark from outside the car. Ava didn't see the dog but she signed "dog" when she heard the bark. She knew the bark went with a dog. I think that's cool. Also, I started singing the song "Jesus loves the little children" recently. She laughs hysterically every time get to the "children" part, and taps her shoulders. I guess she must hear this song at church and they must do some signs to it? I have no idea, but I know it must be familiar to her the way she responds every time.

When we walked into the therapy place yesterday and her occupational therapist, Rachel, walked by, Ava signed "candy". She knows that is the place where she gets candy (fruit snacks, actually, but I'm not gonna say anything to her about it), for a reward when she does what she accomplishes her tasks correctly.

So here are some pictures of the cool things she has been learning lately. Look what she did when I handed her a baby doll and a toothbrush. I think she is a lefty!

Since she is so intrigued by people who wear eyeglasses, we gave her her very own pair in her Christmas stocking. Of course they are plastic, but she has had fun with them. We have all had fun with them. Even me.


Shea said...

I have followed your blog and Meredith's since they began. Both of you gave me the courage to begin our adoption. I'm not sure if I have ever told you that. I love hearing how good Ava is doing!!! Give her a squeeze from me.

Christina L said...

She is learning so fast. Oh and BTW the glasses are a good look for you.

Bethany said...

She is so smart! Great job with the sign ... I need to learn more actually.

And OMG those glasses are hideous!!

jennifer... said...

You need to make that your facebook picture.

Dalene said...

Oh man. I wish I lived close enough to borrow those glasses. I really need to wear then to school to teach my Rhetoric class a lesson.

Christina said...

She sounds like she is doing awesome! Nice glasses! LOL