Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here is a picture of the Russian Orphan Lighthouse presentation that took place at our church last night. It was moving to see these little kids, ages 7-14 singing their little hearts out, in hopes of finding their forever families during their 10 day stay in Oklahoma. While our family is not in the right place right now to adopt an older orphan, I know there is a family out there who would be blessed to have one of these sweet kids in their family.

One of the host moms, who is adopting two brothers, spoke last night, and I loved what she said. She said she is often asked if it is expensive to adopt. Someone pointed out to her that considering all the years she hasn't been raising them, and all the money that has been saved up until now, NO, it is not expensive to adopt. I loved that point of view. My new friend Julie is hoping to start what she calls her "Yes" fund, gathering donations of $10,000 for grants to help a family say "YES" to one of these older orphans, who will otherwise have an average life expectancy of 18 months on the streets after they leave the orphanage. That is just heartbreaking to me. Remember, even if you can't adopt, you can help another family whose only obstacle is the expense.

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Christina L said...

Thanks for that. I thought of those children last night. And I pray that they all find a home. We are not in a position to take an older child, but feel we have found the child we are supposed to bring home. I received my paperwork packet yesterday and can I say, OVERWHELMING!!! I feel so unworthy and feel like our homestudy won't be approved. Fear has set in. Pray for us.