Sunday, January 11, 2009

A couple of months ago I blogged about the Russian Orphan Lighthouse project. You may remember how disappointing it was to know that half of the kids had to be left behind because they had dystentary (?I think?).

Well this past Friday night we had the privilege of meeting that same group of kids from Russia for the second trip. They were supposed to come in at 10:10p.m. but ended up coming in an hour late. So we kept our kids up super late that night so as to not miss the opportunity to welcome them.

My kids had the idea to make welcome signs. Simeon had the idea to write the signs in Russian. So we utilized Google and tried to make our own Welcome signs, in Russian. After we made this sign I realized it said "Thank you" instead of "Welcome" (At least I think it does?) Since Liesel had worked so hard on it we decided to keep it and pretend we were just thanking them for coming.

We learned that all but one of the kids from the last trip have committed families now! I can't tell you how excited I was to hear that! Apparently the last boy has a family who is considering him but has not fully committed to adopt him yet, so hopefully that will work out for him.

One of the adoptive families happens to be friends of friends, who are local. They were a host family, and they are adopting two brothers, ages 8 and 10. We had the honor, thanks to ou mutual friends, the Marrs, for introducing us, of having them for dinner last week and getting to know their amazing family. We are excited about following their adoption.

Anyway, the Duncan family is hosting again, this time a 13 yr. old boy named Anton. I had the privilege of meeting him Friday night at the airport, and let me tell you, he is such a charmer! Our family is not in a position to adopt a 13 yr. old boy, otherwise I might have snatched him up for myself. See for yourself. Julie gave me permission to link to her blog if you want to follow Anton's 10 day adventure in America.

Meet Anton

By the way, for those who are local, please join us this coming Tuesday night for the Russian Orphan Lighthouse Presentation at our church at 7:00!! If you need more details, let me know. It truly is not something your family will want to miss.

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Tim Rovenstine said...

Sounds like a very good memory, a lot of fun, something educational, and hopefully it is a virus and many of your friends want to adopt.