Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thanks Delahne for knowing such neat people who are willing to give our little group tours of their awesome jobs! Last week we met "Miss Roz" who happens to be a well know sculptor in town. She showed us what she does, and then let the kids play around with some of her stuff. My favorite piece of hers is Simeon (from the Bible) holding baby Jesus above his head, as if in worship of Him. I just loved the expressions on both of their faces. (Maybe I kind of like the name Simeon too). By the way, I totally feel like Mr. Rogers as I tell you about the jobs and show you into the world of some of our really special neighbors.

Thanks Delahne and thanks Roz for a really meaningful and special experience. We will treasure these little keepsakes always. The kids' masterpieces are at the very bottom.


The Spicer Family said...

OK, it's official....I want to move to your city!!! I want such fun homeschooling friends, too! I'm sure these types of opportunities exist in my neck of the woods, but I don't know about them. Woe is me!! ;-)

Seriously, I pray all the time we could move up there, which are pretty strong words from a committed Texan such as myself. I would love to see your sweet family all the time! Love you, friend!!


Kate Z. said...

Did you know that "Miss Roz" is a longtime volunteer and big time supporter of The Little Light House? She's got a great story to tell...we love her! We do have a few of her pieces at TLLH and some jewelry/ornaments for sale that benefit the school. Glad you guys had fun on your field trip! I want to be a homeschooling mom like you when I grow up!