Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Updates

We decided yesterday to take Hope out of Pre-K. I started calculating, and I was driving 150 miles extra a week JUST to take her to public preschool, so I could have an hour and a half to myself a day. So not worth it. Plus she already knows all her letters and sounds and numbers and shapes and senses. She is well on her way to reading. It just really didn't make sense.

I enjoyed my first day of "homeschooling" her yesterday. She really wants to learn to read and that is just what we are going to do.

The kids are all doing great in school. Everyone has A's and B's as far as I can tell. Simeon has had the biggest adjustment, being in middle school now, and having 7 subjects and 7 teachers. The first few weeks were rough in trying to get organized and understand the expectations of his new schedule. But I feel he has a handle on it now and I am very proud of him. He even has a B in English which is his hardest subject!

Moe is a great horse and we are crazy about him! Sometimes when he sees the van coming down the road he stops his grazing and runs to the fence to greet us. :) The farrier came yesterday to trim his hoofs and tomorrow we have our first family horseback riding lesson. He has escaped a couple of times due to children leaving the gate open. Yesterday I was home by myself when I found him missing, and I was glad someone wasn't video taping me trying to retrieve him. I did finally manage to get him back in the gate but not after he gave me the workout of a lifetime! :) Horses are apparently social and this horse is no exception. His reason for escape? To whinny and neigh at our neighbor's horses. Maybe we need to get Moe a wife. :)

We got our fingerprints last week as part of our adoption process for USCIS approval. Meanwhile the dossier is being authenticated in Washington D.C. I would expect it to be on its way to Ethiopia within the next week or two, getting translated and submitted to court. Then we wait for our court date. People are asking when we should have the kids. The best answer I have right now is in the spring. It will be about 4-6 months after our paperwork arrives in country, we are told.

I am putting together a costume for Ava's Mini Laps which I will show here soon. Thanks to Kelly Bassett for a cute suggestion. :)

TODAY is the LAST DAY for Ava to get credit for donations made in her name. Thank you to all who have donated!! Anyone still wanting to donate can do so by clicking here. Be looking for the Mini Laps event on Saturday. I can't wait!!


jennifer... said...

This explains why you and I have been on the phone since early this morning! ;)

kirsten said...

I'm lost....when did you get a horse???? So, jealous! I want to ride!!! Your story reminded me of when I thought it brilliant to go for a midnight ride w/ my girlfriend and my horse got out (scared of the flashlight, dah!) and I had to try and catch her running around the neighbor hood- definitely a work out...my parents were NOT pleased:)

Oma Roberta said...


Anonymous said...

i haven't commented in a long while, but so enjoy reading about your family!

not sure if you know about

it's a great reading website (free)... my son loved it!

rachel (excuse the anonymous.. i can't remember my google password)

DoveFamily said...

I'd thought about mentioning starfall, but Rachel beat me to it! William loved it when he was just starting to read. Hope all is well with the new schedule :)


WheresMyAngels said...

I haven't been here forever. Your adopting again, and more than one?? Got to go catch up. Do you Facebook? Cause that is where I have fallen! so much quicker! lol

Janell & Kenny said...

Charissa I love the way you assess your family and their needs daily and make adjustments to meet those needs. You are certainly flexible and wise. You amaze me every time I read whats goin on at the Urban Farm...hugs!