Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's a Small World

I need some input from my creative blogging buddies.

September 26 is the MiniLaps fundraiser for the Little Lighthouse. The students will each dress up in a costume and decorate a miniature "float" around their walker, wheelchair, or however else they plan to get around the track. The theme is "It's a Small World".

Of course the obvious costume of choice is a little floral Ukrainian dress and apron with a band of flowers around her head.....

BUT....How cute would it be to paint a globe on her head..."small world", get it? I thought of making a t-shirt to promote Down Syndrome or The Little Lighthouse, or even adoption?

The question is, what would I put on her shirt? Any creative suggestions?

By the way, THANK YOU to those who have donated! Ava has raised almost $500 so far! We are almost 10% of the way to our goal. Click here if you would like to donate. Thanks!


adoptyaroslav said...

You might try going to for some ideas for the t-shirt. they have a gazillion designs, and will even print a shirt of your design if you choose.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how you'd paint a globe on her head without her smearing it off. Maybe a small globe cut in half and punch two holes and put ribbon thru it and make a hat?
I know at one point Oriental Trading company had lots of blow up globes that were not expensive. Might could use something like that as decorations.

The Ukranian dress sounds cute too.

I'll put my less than creative brain to work and try to think of something.


Anonymous said...

BTW, love all the new pictures!


Stephanie said...

Globe on head, wearing Ukrainian dress, banner on walker saying something about international adoption making the world a smaller place. I dunno. Doesn't really matter becuz she's so stinking cute ... :)

Beth said...

The globe noggin is a really fun idea! I have got to see a picture of that. Actually I have to see a picture of you head-painting that...can't imagine the wiggling and giggling that would ensue!

Dalene said...

Well, Atlas held up the world in Greek Mythology.

Anonymous said...

The photos of the whole family are adoreable! Happy 5th Birthday to Hope! See you all in a few short weeks.

Aunt Sharon