Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meet Mo

Meet Mo. Or is it Moe? It's short for mohawk (apparently he had one as a young colt) but John likes to think of him as Mow as in short for mow-the-grass.

He is our newest addition.

For several months Liesel has been saving up her money, reading horse books, even buying tack with her own allowance money (and practicing riding on the calf!). She has been watching Craigslist religiously. We thought a horse was not a possibility right now because of our fence, but after we went out and saw where Mo has been living we realized our setup is more than adequate for him. He is 12, a smaller breed, slower than most, and great with kids! And the owners were so thrilled that he was going to a good home that they gave us a wonderful deal, threw in a bunch of stuff, delivered him and even offered to be available for phone questions and transport him whenever he needs to go to the vet.

Mo's previous owner was a young lady who decided she liked boys more than she likes horses. So her grandfather listed him on Craigslist. Poor Mo.

Lucky us.

His duties here will include:
-companionship for 6 children
-keeping the grass cut
-birthday party entertainment
-keeping the company of a lonely cow
-providing equine therapy for a handicapped child (See hippotherapy)
-outlet for an equine obsessed 9 year old girl

We are really happy to have him. Come over and visit him sometime. He loves to have his nose scratched.


Anonymous said...

wow, that is sooo awesome! I absolutely loved horses as a girl and rode in shows. What a fantastic country life you all are leading, I love it :) Mo is very pretty too. I'm sure he just loves all the attention he's getting. And how awesome is the free hippotherapy? (we used to pay $85 a session and quit because it was just too much.)

Anonymous said...

How cool. Love it! I know the kids are beyond excited!


Beth said...

Wonderful! I think I'm going to see if the Urban family will adopt me...

Cammie Heflin said...

He'll fit in beautifully!

Chelley said...

I love horses always wanted to take lessons even looked into a few monhts ago for myself!

He is sooo SWEET!! and yay the cow is saved! **GIGGLE**

I would love to find someone here to do hippotherapy with the kids I work with@

June Berger said...

Isn't God so good? Even for the "little" things?!

Deb D. said...

I am so happy for Liesel! I longed for a horse as a child, but living in the city just didn't make that possible. What a wonderful experience for her, and all your beautiful children. I'm looking forward to lots of Mo/Moe/Mow stories! :-)

jennifer... said...

I think you also need Tina, the llama.

datri said...

That is just wonderful!

Ssejors said...

Wow isn't he a Stud muffin! Just Handsome! Good pick Guys! He looks like a very lovely horse. And What an amazing animal to be a companion to both your kids and your cow! lol