Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School adjustments

Someone asked whether the kids were nervous or resistant about going back to school after homeschooling.

I would say everyone was pretty neutral about it. The fact of the matter was, Ava was going to be at The Little Lighthouse, which was going to require a lot of driving on my part. I didn't feel I could effectively homeschool if we were in the van all day. Therefore homeschooling wasn't an option. Everyone seemed to understand that. They all seem to be happy with their teachers and are bringing home good grades so far. I'm thankful.

For me the biggest adjustment is that I feel so unproductive in every area of my life! I'm in and out of the house and the van all day, stopping just long enough to unload groceries, transfer a load of laundry, feed a kid or change a diaper, then back on the road again. I've been trying to paint the kitchen cabinets during my "free time" and at the rate I'm going it will take me 2 weeks to finish!) And if you could just see my laundry room right now...

For the kids the biggest adjustment is having so little time to play and just be kids. I hate that when they get home at 4:00 we are rushed to finish homework and chores and dinner and making lunches and devotions then hurry to bed to start the rat race all over again the next morning.

The school bus is not an option for the 2 youngest children and they are the farthest away. Jude and Liesel have been riding the bus home but to be honest it seems completely ridiculous to do that since the school is just across the street and our road is the first stop (they can't walk because it is a busy road with no crosswalk). With the recent news, I have been meeting them at the end of the road anyway. Might as well just drive across the street and pick them up directly from the school. For the life of me I can't understand the purpose of homework. They are already spending 7 hours a day studying. Why can't they just be kids when they get home? All this rambling to say it has been a busy week and a half of making lunches, chaufering kids, signing papers, helping with homework, etc., etc.. Honestly, I miss homeschooling. :(

We did make a couple of changes that have made life a little easier: switching Hope to morning preschool and having John take Ava to school on his way to work in the mornings. This gives me an hour and a half a day plus driving time to myself, which is kind of nice. I have a couple of lunch dates planned next week which I am really looking forward to...(so add another week to those kitchen cabinets).

I will say, however, that we are loving The Little Lighthouse and I know it will all be worth it! I stood in the hallway outside of Ava's classroom today and watched all the little walkers and wheelchairs strolling down the hall, even one little blind boy about 4 years old with a cane making his way out towards the parking lot guided by his mother. I hope nobody noticed that I had tears in my eyes watching these things plus Ava walking with her walker ALL the way from her classroom to the parking lot. If they could have only seen what I saw in Ukraine, her emaciated body laying in that crib, if they could have held her stiff little body, felt her tiny legs which seemed would never be strong enough to support her body...maybe they would have been crying too.


Alice said...

I should have warned you that sending your kids to school is harder than homeschooling! I am with you on the homework issue. It is ridiculous! Praying none of your kids have issues with kids at school or not-so-great teachers. That makes the process almost unbearable!!

So happy for Ava and her progress. I joined RR when you had just gotten home. It has been such a blessing to watch her grow and blossom! I have to admit, I really didn't believe it was possible for her to be the little girl she is today. I'm glad you were able to step out in faith.

Christina said...

Wow, thank you for sharing all that Charissa! Your days sure do sound hectic! I suppose part of me is curious because we might be forced to make the same decision in the near future, and while Kallie wants to go back(give her a week going back and she'll hate it again), Brittany does not! We still are not positive about what we are being called to do but we are trusting that God will make it clear. God bless you Charissa. And yes, I probably would have had tears in my eyes too! Little angels...Have you gotten to meet Aiden yet?

Anonymous said...

I wish I went to TU or ORU and I could help you guys out in the day ! Miss ya'll ! My friend Laura and I are gonna go to Tulsa for fall break, since her sister lives there ! Maybe I can stay a night or 2 with ya'll ?? Love you !

Kelsie said...

I think homework is really ridiculous too. I can understand when it's overflow from class, because sometimes we don't fit everything in, but I often get homework from all 7 of my teachers and don't have much time if any to do what I want to do, at least until the weekend...but then the teachers say "It's the weekend, you have 3 days to do it!" and assign extra homework. *sigh*

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, the picture of Ava and her little walker brought tears to my eyes. What amazing things God has done in her little life in such a short time. So incredible.
Sorry things are feeling so rushed and crazy. I hate feeling that way.
Thank you for sharing your heart!

love and hugs.

Adeye said...

Oh my word---Thank you for sharing that video. Weeping, weeping! What a profound difference in her life. She does not even look like the same child. If only more people would take the journey you have taken, friend. What an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child.

I can hardly wait to hold my precious blessing in my arms :)

Cammie Heflin said...

Now you've got me crying!

Michelle said...

you could write a special needs bus into her IEP, couldnt you? She would probably enjoy riding the bus. If the school itself doesnt provide it, a local transportation company could. I hate to see you give up something you so enjoy, when transportation should be the least of your issues. But it sure is good to 'see" you all for my little biweekly peek in. :)