Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 6...or 7? I am losing track.

A cool front has come in, so all the kids are back in their long sleeves and tights. And the hats. Always the hats. How do you like the pink tights? I'm so glad to have all of my nephew Sebastian's hand-me-downs, back home, hanging in Joseph's future closet. I think they are going to be the perfect size too!

John has gotten the fun job of playing with (and chasing!) Joseph, while I have the job of sitting on the bench, resting my feet---and taking photos.

While I sit and take photos, I am often an orphan-magnet. Yesterday I brought play-dough and you wouldn't believe what a crowd it drew! 

 I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed my time with these kids. The little girl in the pink hat has been coming over to say hi occasionally during our visits with Joseph. Yesterday she was so happy to see me, and crawled up on my lap and talked to me. Of course I have no idea what she was saying but I enjoyed every second! She did not want to be put down. Later she went to John but within a micro-second she realized she was afraid of him, and reached back out to me. We try to be sensitive, knowing that some of these kids do not have families coming for them. We try to save our affection for Joseph for when the other children are not around watching.

Speaking of which: Here is a fun game. Blowing raspberries on the neck. If you click on the above picture, you can see the sheer joy on this boy's face. He does not need words to tell his future daddy that he would like for him to do that again. Watch how he points to his neck as if to say, "Please do that again Daddy".

This is Joseph's Nanny. The kids are divided into groups of 7 or 8. There is one nanny for each group, of "groupa" sometimes two. This nanny means business and demands order and control, that is very clear. At the same time she obviously loves each of the kids very dearly. She would make a perfect grandma! John and I have talked about what kind of a job she has, maintaining control of so many special needs children all at once. On a couple of occasions she has looked very frazzled as she is trying to keep them all in a line on their way back to the building, for lunch, when everyone clearly preferred to stay outside and play! And then other times she is patting them on the backs, smiling at and praising them. We are so grateful to this woman for all she has done for Joseph and the other children here.

Yesterday she brought a puzzle over to show us how well Joseph can do it. We were amazed at how he seemed to understand each word she said, probably words like, "turn it around", and "move it up", etc. Without any help except for her verbal instructions, and an occasional point, he was able to put together this 6 piece wooden puzzle with his own little hands.
 By the way, have I mentioned how chubby and sweet his hands are?


Anonymous said...

You are magic!!! It's easy to see the kids are drawn to you. How much fun playing with all those kids! How lucky Joseph is to have a nanny like he does too.

Any closer?


Alice said...

I love the joy on Joseph's face, but look at Daddy's expression in the next one. How could Joseph be anything but joyful with such a loving Daddy.

Christine said...

SO glad to hear you are staying off your feet. :) Love all the pictures of Joeseph! Big hugs! We met our kids today!

Lisa Comella said...

Oh that face has pure joy written all over it. Not sure if I'd be able to do anything else all day long except blow rasberries on his neck. How could you stop when you see that smile light up his face. Thank you for sharing these precious moments!!! I look forward to updates everyday!!!

Shelly said...

Every morning i check for new updates and love seeing the photos, i can see the love you and John have for him. This is truely amazing! God bless you both and keep the blogs comin! :)

La Viajera Insaciable said...

I am just love, love, LOVING your updates, Charissa! The photos are simply precious! You have quite a knack for capturing such special moments.

Valerie said...

I am loving reading these updates! He such a handsome boy!

Hevel said...

The photo of you with all the kids seriously looks like a photo I took at the twin's gan (preschool) last year. :-)

It's always great when the kids have nannies who truly love them and teach them about love.