Thursday, June 10, 2010

Italy pictures...finally.

I realize this post is a little anti-climactic....After all, I know what you all REALLY want to see is a post about our first meeting with Joseph. However, remember we are stuck in this city lounging around a hot apartment and noisy, smoky, internet cafes, rather than at the orphanage where we would prefer to be.

But I must blog my Italy pictures!! I have tried so many times, and doggone it, I will. The pictures of Joseph, and the story of the SDA appointment, will have to wait until tomorrow. Italy photos. I finally discovered a way I could get them all on here without having to upload a hundred pictures. John held up the laptop, with all the thumbnail photos, and I took pictures of the computer screen. Pretty clever, if I do say so myself. Wish I would have thought of it before. As I was uploading them I noticed that all my photos are cockeyed. I wonder what that says about me. Maybe I am asymmetrical. I'm sure I could fix them with little effort but I would rather not. I'm sure that says something about me too.

In America we have calendars of hot fire fighters and police officers. Did you know in Italy they have calendars of handsome priests? I picked up this souvenir for my sister Marlita. :) But I thought you might enjoy it too.

So there you go. All of our Italy photos in one, concise post. Hope you enjoyed them.

Today we met another Reece's Rainbow couple, quite by accident actually. I had remembered someone would be here at the same time but I couldn't remember who. We ran into them downtown and hung out together, in taxis and notary offices before they went back to their apartment to catch up on their sleep. We will try to meet up with them again tomorrow. It was funny, we keep talking about how 'crazy' we must be, flying across the country to grow our family in such an unconventional way. And then we met Tammy and Erik, who have six kids at home, three biological and 3 adopted, and are adopting 4 this trip. Yes 4....F-O-U-R, four children with special needs. Wow! Makes us look like wimps! ha. We enjoyed the company, what a blessing to have met them and to follow their blog as they bring their children home.

Next post.....our first meeting with Joseph. Tomorrow!!! I am a ball of nerves. So excited to meet my boy for the first time!


Shelly said...

Those are awesome pictures i must say, i have always wanted to go to Italy (hopefully someday). I can't wait to see tomorrows post i hope everything goes well. It is so cute how i can read the excitement in just your blogging. I am keeping you and John in my prayers!! This might be crazy to ask but are you able to share your friends blog? I just love watching others on their adoption journeys. :)

NDMom said...

Charissa! Your story reminds me of "Welcome to Holland" not only get to go to Holland but you got to see Italy as well. :) Have a wonderful day with Joseph tomorrow in your own special Holland! Love, Paula "Bella's Mama"

Delahne said...

SO excited for you guys. Looking forward to watching the process. FYI, our documents are on the way to ROG, should be there early next week. We shall see! Hope to not pass each other in the air. ;) What's really amazing is to think of how different this meeting will be from your last time around. Have a blast tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Great pics!!! you have such a great talent for taking pictures.

Can't wait to see the next post!


Christine said...

How awesome Charissa! Can't wait for pictures!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the priest calendar, hilarious! Can't wait to see Joseph in your arms!

thedickinsonfamily said...

What a fun post. You are determined. Thanks for sharing your trip to Italy. Most likely the only way I'll ever see Italy. Never say Never.
Looking forward to seeing you & John with your new son. I pray your first meeting is all you hope it to be & more.