Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Four days in Italy

I have tried three times--unsuccessfully--to post some photos, but.....sorry I guess it's not going to happen. As many of you know, my parents came up a little early so we could extend our layover in Italy for a few days. You know---to celebrate our 15th year anniversary. No need to feel guilty about it I keep telling myself, as we already are in Europe, and it is a very important anniversary, and we always did hope to come here trip to someday, just the two of us.....So here we are.

I have hundreds of photos, and I wanted to share at least one or two. But for some reason Italy's internet service, or blogger, one of the two, is not cooperating. While a blog post from Italy without photos is not my favorite, I suppose it is better than no blog post at all....so here is a quick recap.

We arrived June 4 after an evening flight which meant we got to skip our nighttime altogether, leaving us with severe jet lag. After a nap in the hotel, we were able to venture out and see a few sights, touring the Colosseum and the Roman Forum the next day. Sunday we took a day trip on the fast train to Florence, which was truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen! It really makes me wish I had been more interested in my college Humanities course. It was truly fascinating to see the works of Michelangelo, and to walk the same cobblestone streets where many important historical figures of the Renaissance walked hundreds of years ago. Wow!

We toured the Vatican and St. Peter's Basicila, The National Museum of Rome, and of course took a few romantic strolls through the Spanish Steps and the Piazza Navona, and got to experience real italian food, which honestly is quite different from our version of italian. But the waiters were just as charming and handsome as I imagined they would be! I think John was a little embarrassed when I asked to take a picture of them! ha (pictures that I will definitely share when I have a chance, ladies!).

Unfortunately I inherited my dad's high arches and blister-prone skin, which left my feet covered in blisters by the second day. The last two days of walking around were pretty torturous but it had to be done. After all, when will we ever be back here again, and who wants to spend their last two days in Italy, with their feet elevated in a hotel room! Last night I had to explain to a few staring fellow patrons as I stumbled out of the restaurant, that I really wasn't drunk as I might appear to be, just that I was a spoiled American who was not used to all the walking which is required in Europe. Halfway home I literally could not take another step, and poor John carried me home. I have to say it was very sweet and romantic, even if he was huffing and puffing! What a knight in shining armor!

We decided that since we were in Rome we would "do like the Romans" and use public transportation which was in and of itself an adventure (although we resisted the temptation to display public affection on the metro, except once or twice). We finally realized that you had to push the button for the bus driver to know when to stop, and had to stay on the entire bus route just to get back to our original destination. ha. Oh well. It was fun seeing the "other side of the tracks" rather than just the tourist side.

It is really fun to people-watch here. So many different styles and languages, people coming from all over the world. I marveled as I overheard someone saying they were from Hawaii. I am still scratching my head, wondering why. If I lived in Hawaii, I would definitely do a "stay-cation"....if you know what I mean. he he. The people here are SO nice, and all you have to do is stand there looking like a deer in the headlights, and someone will come to your rescue. That is one of the really great things about Rome.

Overall it was a great time and we are so glad we did it. It was just a few hundred more dollars and although we had to go into some debt to do it, in my opinion it was worth it! I am thankful for my parents who insisted we go while they watch the four older kids, and my sister who was here last year for her 10th anniversary, and who gave us good travel tips and took care of Ava for those four extra days. I know the children are all in good hands, and that is what made our trip the most enjoyable. Thanks Mom and Dad and Juan and Marlita.

Now I am sitting in the hotel room while John ran to get a few last minute souvenirs for the kids, writing this quick blog post. We will always have fond memories of Italy, but the REAL treasure is where we will be arriving tonight at 10:30 p.m......(You know where!!)


Zack & Jennifer Dove said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun! Hope your feet are feeling better. And yes, the next stop is sure to be the best stop :)

Hope to see you soon!

Tim Rovenstine said...

I really am truly sad I had bad genes that I passed on about the feet, and proneness to blisters. I think the Urban dominant came through as we did a lot of walking in the Ft. Worth Amtrak station and the 4 little Urbans never complained. We made San Antonio, all are in bed, it is 626 am.

soontobemomof9 said...

What a special blessing! :). So sorry about you feet though, ouch! Love the "romance" of John carrying you! No guilt allowed, it's a gift and a special one!

Lisa said...

Beautiful post...and I'm so glad you got to tour Italy...and NO need to feel guilty. A strong marriage and love between Mom and Dad is a priceless for our children to see. Lots of love, and can't wait for the next stop on this amazing journey!!

Christine said...

How wonderful!

Larsen Family said...


JennyH said...

I have seen some of your post on FB and checked out your hubby's blog. The pictures he did post look very cool.

Sounds like you guys really enjoyed yourselves. well, except for the blisters!

Can't wait until you arrive "you know where" and share pictures of sweet little Joseph!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
I think your blog is amazing, and I wish you all the fun you could possibly have while your there getting 'we know who'! So sorry about the blisters. Didn't Marlita suffer with blisters as well when she was in Europe last year, too? Wish I could be with your parents while they are watching the kids. But my heart is there... and with you and John, too.
Can't wait to see your photos!!
Aunt Sharon

Anonymous said...

glad you had a great time! So happy you're not feeling guilty about it. You'll ALWAYS remember it for sure!!
*Tammy (RR)

Molly said...

I wish I could convince my parents to go away together! preferably on their way to adopt a child :-)

It sounds like an amazing trip!! My feet are never happy after lots of walking either.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you had a good time! I went to Rome one summer when I was working in Europe in college. I traveled different places every weekend, and Italy was my favorite, even though I was pick-pocketed on the train!

Can wait to read about the next part of your trip!

Qadoshyah said...

Sounds like a great trip :).

Deb D. said...

I was there just this last Fall. My heart skipped when I read you were in Rome and what you'd seen. Fabulous!!! What a special memory associated with your receiving Joseph. Can't wait to hear more!