Friday, June 18, 2010


Good news! The signature we have been waiting on is now on the adoption documents, which means we can now proceed with the adoption of Joseph. Meanwhile we will continue our daily visits as we wait for our court date.

I played with the night setting on my camera last night. Here is a night shot from our apartment. We are on the top floor.

This is what we saw on our walk home from the orphanage today: 
This dog is patiently waiting for its owner to come out of the hair salon! I wonder if the owner is one of the nannies at the orphanage. That is the ONLY explanation!

This sign and these balloons were on the gate of the orphanage today. I would love to know what the sign says. Does anybody know?  There didn't appear to be anything special going on inside the orphanage, but surely it means something special?
There were ladies all over town carrying flowers of every kind (and they all carried them upside down). Is today some kind of Valentine's Day or Mother's Day in Ukraine? It is the only explanation, because John didn't suddenly have an urge to buy me flowers.

If you are traveling to Europe, remember this is what the outlets look like:
Which means you will need one of these....and one of these....
John told me that we must let people know. You'd hate to be here without one.

You know you are homesick and you've been away far too long.....
When you are craving MCDonalds!!! That is what we had for dinner tonight.

Yes, we are homesick!

Here are a few things that we are missing:

1. Mexican food
2. Ice
3. Church
4. Nellie the Dog
5. Free water
6. Netflix
7. Driving
8. English
9. Chinese food
10. Fishing
11. iPhone
12. Wi-Fi
13. my calendar
14. variety of clothing
15. bathrobe

And most of all:





Gala said...

I'm from Ukraine but live in the US. Just found your blog and enjoying your journey with you.
The sign says: 'Happy Medical Specialists Day'. It's for anyone who works in medical field.

My best wishes for you

Charissa said...

Ah, thank you Gala! That explains why several people in white lab coats were leaving the orphanage while we were coming in. :) Thanks!

Wendy :) said...

So Happy the papers are signed!! Right now we continue to pray for PROGRESS!!! :)

Amy L said...

Congratulations! So excited for you and for Joseph! I will pray for you and your kids because I know firsthand how hard it is to be so far away from your family.:(

The McEacherns said...

Go try Potato House's burritos. Not quite authentic, but it will help with the Mexican food craving. That's always the first food I crave when we're overseas. Where's a decent Taco Bell when you need one?! And a missionary friend of ours took us to a Chinese place in Kiev, but I have no idea where. Maybe go into a nice hotel and ask the concierge? Even then, I'm pretty sure that won't taste authentic either. Alas...

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SIGNATURE!!!!!! cant wait to hear what your possible twist may be =)

Alice said...

I remember walking by a can of Pringles, and being suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to eat them just because they were American. I don't usually eat them,but they tasted like home! I savored them by eating a few each night.:)

So glad you have Skype to see those precious faces daily. Glad to hear the signature is in place. Praying your time goes quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for the signature!!!


Deb D. said...

One document closer. GO, GO, GO !!

Justine said...

Yippee for the signature!

Praying for you and all the kids!

Justine said...

Yippee for the signature!

Praying for you and all the kids!

Terra said...

I am loving keeping up with your journey to bring home your son! Been praying for a fast (well as quickly as it can go ;) ) process for you guys and your little man! Sending hugs and prayers your way!

Larsen Family said...

I loved your lists of things you are missing. While we were gone, I missed some of the same things.

1. driving
2. good air conditioning
3. kids
4. free water
5. home
6. dogs

Just thought I would share to make you not feel so bad.

jennifer... said...

I'm enjoying following your journey so much. Several moments have brought tears to my eyes. You have really baited us for a visit when you get home!

Janell & Kenny said...

We can help with the ice part...imagine selling ice over there???? hmmmmm

the Gower Fam said...

Awesome thanks for posting the pic of the outlet!! I've actually been trying to figure out what we will need to get for that! I printed the pic off to go find what we need :)