Thursday, June 17, 2010

Old friends and new friends

The down-side of this region is how looooonnnnnnggg adoptions take here.

But the up-side is how many that a word?........we get to meet while we are here.

The most logical meeting place is TGI Friday's- 1. Because it's in a central location that all of us Americans can recognize, 2. Because the menu is in English, and 3. Because there is free high speed internet.

We also have met people at the Ukrainian restaurant right across the street from TGIF. It is a buffet style, and no need to read the menu, you just point to what you want and they serve it to you on your tray as you pass by.

So who have we met? Let's see. I already mentioned meeting the Embergs (who we got to spend quite a bit of time with and are making plans to move to the same city together so we can be neighbors- isn't that what we agreed on Eric and Tammy?)....

Also, we met the Sanchez', the Thibaults, the Lorraines, the McDonalds, and Joanne (can't remember her last name), who was here with her friend on a mission trip.

We have met friends of the Dickinsons, the Redmans, who happen to be from our home state and are here to adopt a 10 year old boy. That was fun, talking about the culture shock of, "We ain't in Oklahoma anymore!"

Last night me met these two families, the Reeds and the Doves. I have been following their blogs for over two years, so it was perfectly natural to give them each a big long hug as if they were old friends who had been away for too long! We really enjoyed meeting a few of their kids who are along for the adventure. They are just as special in real life as I imagined they would be.

So if anyone is coming through, look us up! But if you don't mind, can we eat somewhere other than TGIF? :)


thedickinsonfamily said...

Thank you for your Okie hospitality towards our dear friends, the Redman's. Who would have thought 2 families from the same state could meet half way around the world. God knew! Adoption has introduced us to so many people. We are blessed to have met you & your family because of RR too.

Alice said...

How cool is that? What a blessing for all of you! We met up with another RR family, the Hills, on our 1st trip to Tallinn. It was such a comfort to know there was someone I could talk to. We missed them so much when we went back for our second trip. Have fun.

Mary said...

I bumped into the Reeds in Boston while I was at the airport picking up my sister. Small world, isn't it?

Michelle said...

how oddly wonderful that teh reids and Doves just happen to be there. In the world of adoption, as often as I find a blog I love and a family I keep tabs on over the years, these 2 and yours are 3 of the ones I have bookmarked...and there you all are, together. strange! I cant wait to meet you one day.

the Gower Fam said...

Good to know the meet up spots when we finally get to go meet Mina :) We are headed that way July 31st. We are actually from Oklahoma as well! OKC