Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Skype conversation, and Father's Day

Last night, when we were Skyping with our kids, Jude said, "Dad, do you remember when you guys adopted Ava and we were at the airport waiting for you and you walked through the gate with her?......Well, can you run this time?"

Ha! I went back and looked at Ava's homecoming video, and sure enough, John is walking with Ava while the kids wait patiently to meet her. How interesting that that is the detail that would stand out in his mind.

We will spend Father's Day today (It is Father's Day, isn't it?....remember I don't have my calendar) visiting the orphanage and spending time with Joseph as well as exchanging smiles and waving across the playground to another child that we have our eye on (wink).

I remember on our second or third date, when John pulled out his wallet and proudly showed me pictures of his nieces and nephews (well and his grandma too)....I remember thinking yes, this is the kind of guy I can envision spending the rest of my life with. He is beyond what I could have ever envisioned, a wonderful husband, amazing father. That he would travel across the world to be the daddy to a little orphan.....twice.... makes me love him even more. Happy Father's Day honey!

And a Happy Father's Day to my father! I love you! Thanks again for being a great grandpa to my kids. It means the world to us that you are caring for our children while we do this. They love you so much and it is obvious they are having a great time.


Amy...who wanted 4. said...

Mama say WHAT?????

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day to John. Have a good day. Hope this week goes well and things move along more quickly.


Robin said...

Happy Fathers Day John, You are such a fine example of a father and husband. I know from seeing you through the eyes of your wife & children :)

Charissa...when I read what Jude said...that made me teary!

I finally had some time to sit down and read back over EVERY entry I missed without skimming. I am in love with Joseph and so excited for you and your family. Many prayers and so much love!!!

Tim Rovenstine said...

Your kids love their father, and I'm honored that your would 'farm' them out to my safe charge for 30 days. We're making memories.

Roberta said...

I miss you and Dad!Father's Day is actually on the twenty-first of June.Happy Father's Day,Dad!


Mary said...

Is this the potential adoption-related twist you mentioned in an earlier post? Will you be adopting 2 kids this time around? Do tell!

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day! And do share about your wink when you can.... :)