Monday, June 28, 2010

Family and friends

Man I miss these kids!! I can hardly look at these photos without crying. As John posted earlier, we are humbled, and so grateful to the very generous people who have helped out and have sent photos documenting the fun times together. We know that our children are not perfect and 3 1/2 weeks (+) is a very long time to have children that aren't your own. Thank you Opa and Oma, Marlita, plus several others who have shared your time and love and efforts with our family. We know they are in excellent hands but that doesn't make us any less homesick for them. If we knew how many days we had left, we would be counting them down. Unfortunately the documents did NOT get submitted to court, and today is a holiday. Which means we are still waiting. Maybe tomorrow will bring good news.


Tim Rovenstine said...

Hey, we´re having FUN. Let´s do this again NEXT summer.

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see Ava the other day as she tagged along to Lucy K's therapy! I hope the rest of the "bringing them home" process goes smoothly and we get to meet the newest members of your family soon. Rachel

Anonymous said...

Oh it again next summer. You guys are naturals!!!