Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reece's Rainbow friends

It's been great to meet up with other Reece's Rainbow families while we are here. It is certainly a great remedy for homesickness. We have been crashing the Emberg's place, since they have internet and we do not. They invited us to stay for Uno which turned into a game that was a combination of Scrabble and Balderdash---i.e. make up your own words but enlighten the rest of the group with your own made up definition of the word. Definitely a better way to play Scrabble!

We met up with the Embergs and MacDonalds, two other couples here to adopt special needs kiddos. It is nice to be around other people who don't think you're crazy for bringing more children into your already somewhat-crazy family. :)

Can you tell which group was having the better conversation?


Wendy :) said...

We sooo need to know where the place is to stay that has Internet:) We hope to be submitted this week!!! ANd a date within 2. Hope your trip gpes quickly, but would so love to meet you & your hubby in person:)

MoonDog said...

the place to stay has roaches. and I do believe the internet is hijacked lol. we will sure miss you guys Charissa and John!

MoonDog said...

ps shamelessly stealing your photos for myself!

Kristin Ferguson said...

I'm glad we got to meet the McDonald's but sad we didn't get to meet the rest of you! Sounds like fun!


Betsy said...

Hey!! Oh, Charissa, I have loved reading about your trip. Joseph is a doll. I am so glad the visit is going well for all of you. I am praying non-stop about his papers, and hope there are no further delays for him to come home to his new famiy!
((big hugs to you))