Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Homeschool field trips

I am thankful to have homeschooling friends who organize the field trips, or we would probably just be home all the time. Thanks Melissa.

Last week, we took 22 children, many of them toddlers and infants to the Philbrook Art Museum. Hope was giddy on the way, squealing, "I am so excited to go to the museum, mom!" I asked, "Why are you so excited?" She answered, "Because I love seeing the fishies!"

Apparently she thought we were going to the aquarium. Poor kid. We had a great time anyway, even though we were followed around by a few ladies, constantly repeating, "Please do not touch the paintings!" It was very educational and inspiring. Thanks Melissa.

Yesterday we went on a tour through a local bakery. The manager walked the kids through the process of planting the wheat, harvesting the wheat, then we "went to the miller" to have him grind the grain into flour. Then we "took the flour to the baker" to have him bake our bread. Through the tour she told the story of The Little Red Hen, pretending some of the parents were the dog, the cat and the mouse who did not want to help but then wanted to eat the fresh bread at the end. It was cute.

When the baker put the bread in the oven, she said, "Now we put the bread in the oven and shut it up until the bread is done."

I was mortified to find out that Hope, who was in the very front of the group, informed the baker that it was very bad to say "shut up", then proceeded to lift her middle finger towards her and say, "AND.....THIS is VERY BAD. You should NEVER do this!" I credit our former neighbor kids for giving my kids that nugget of wisdom. Thanks.

Nothing like leaving a good impression for the homeschool group, and nothing like having kids to keep you humble. Maybe that is why we dont get out much.


Marlita said...

That is too funny!! Oh my goodness, I wish I could've seen the lady's face!

jennifer... said...

Oh, that totally beats my front row at church story!  Keep taking her out so I can keep my laugh quotient up.

The Monroe 6 said...


Christina L said...

Sounds like what one of my kids would have said. They know that we don't say Shut up, either.

Susan said...

Marlita wanted to see the lady's face...I'd like to have seen YOUR face when Hope dropped those little gems! Oh, my, kids...gotta love 'em.

Sounds like a great pair of field trips, regardless of your little "manners-enforcer".

Susan in Ky, remembering a long-ago toddler in my own family who announced to all and sundry, "and I went wee-wee on the GROUND!!" following a family hike in the woods...:-0

Melissa said...

Is that why the lady giving the tour started to stutter? I just thought she was a little nervous or something :) We had a great time yesterday and I am so glad you guys got to go. I know it made for a long day for you. Were you able to get to Bibliomania?

mom2four said...

Were these through an organized group, or just a bunch of friends. That bread field trip sounds WONDERFUL!!

Justine said...

Thanks for making me laugh aloud!


WheresMyAngels said...

My husband and I are laughing so hard at this. Hope is too funny!

June Berger said...


Kerry Shealy said...

The "finger" story is hilarious!!!
My kids correct people often, and I too, become very embarrassed...and a little proud at the same time that they think about what I am teaching them. My two oldest ones yelled at a lady standing outside our van, "That thing will kill you...spit it out!!!"
The windows were shut, and I corrected them quickly, but not until she heard what they said, and she actually threw her cigarette on the ground. Too funny!