Monday, November 10, 2008

the original awareness warrior asked:

Do you use any program etc? I use Abeckka Academy, and I have time for nothing (including any time with other kids whatsoever). With all my appointments I am ALWAYS behind, and in such a rush that I learn next to nothing. I can't go to public or private school currently, and am in the 7th grade for the second time due to this all. I really wonder how and if I can do this. I mean, I have to, but at what cost? I already have to cut some corners, skip unnecessary work, but it's more than that as well...I'm just not getting a quality education and there seems to be no way that I can. Do you have any advice on this? What would you do?

Alex, let me start by saying how much I enjoyed visiting your blog. You are obviously a very intelligent, mature and talented young lady.

I wish I had a brilliant answer for you. We have never used Abeka but I have heard from people who use it that it is very thorough and rigid (which sounds grueling and exhausting to me!). On the other hand I know there are a lot of people who love it too! When I teach my kids I try to keep my end goal in mind. My goal is never to finish a worksheet, but to teach a concept. Sometimes we skip pages entirely if the kids have a good attitude and can demonstrate they've grasped the concept behind it. There is no reason (in my opinion) to do pages and pages of math facts that have already been mastered, or copy spelling words over and over again that are already known. I'd rather my kids write one sentence very carefully and beautifully than 100 sentences quick and sloppy. There are so many homeschooling options out there, I wouldn't feel bound to one program that's not working for you, if you have another choice. One of my favorite homeschool links is You'll find reviews of almost every curriculum out there. I personally try to follow the philosophy of Charlotte Mason. If you are interested you can read more about it here.

I hope you will keep me updated on the outcome of this. I am certainly anxious to keep up with your progress, both academically and healthwise. I am honored that you took the time to visit and comment.


Qadoshyah said...

My mom homeschools very similar to what you described here.

I was homeschooled through highschool and my mom continues to homeschool the rest of my siblings (10 of them).

We never followed one exact program. She always went along with something until the child was getting the concept. She also went along with what interests the child had. I graduated highschool with a thesis on Down syndrome, because that is what my interest was (& is 2 years later ;)). (BTW, you can see that at

Homeschooling for us has been wonderful and I think it is mainly because of the relaxed environment we homeschool in.

You can even take college classes online and that counts as part of the schooling. I did that after highschool, but my sister (who just graduated this year) did that during highschool.


mom2four said...

You have no idea how the Lord used this post just for me today. I also wondered when you do your planning and about how much time you have to put into that? Also, if you know anyone else with younger children at home too I'd LOVE some advice about integrating the younger ones in, or working around them without them running a muck! LOL I know this is for us but I'm really having some doubts right now about myself :(

Alexandra Mikaela - Awareness Warrior said...

I'll definitely check out those links!

I went on a google spree and found this one program and sent an email to them asking a few questions I had. They quickly responded and I found out that some teen competitive athletes use that program and love it, even though they spend 8 hours a day training! Here's bits and pieces from the email:

"Abeka is a very intensive and time consuming program. Therefore, I understand why it would be a struggle for someone in your position. Our program is very flexible--in fact, we have many athletes working with us who spend 8 hours per day in their chosen field of athletics and fit their schooling in around that schedule.

We do not have an hourly requirement; therefore, you are able to fit your schooling in as you are able.

Our core curriculum is broken down into 12 units of study that are individually bound, so you simply need to take five small books with you rather than large textbooks with a full year in each text. The curriculum provides all of the instruction for you and does not require so much teacher interaction. It is also a Christian publisher; therefore, you will receive the same kind of solid education you are receiving through Abeka.

We will want to test you before placing you into the program and may find that you are able to accelerate in some of your courses. Our testing will allow us to place you at the best academic level for you and allow you to move forward from there. This does not mean we will change your grade level (either up or down); however, we can work with you to help you progress to high school level courses in a time frame that meets your needs. I am a classic example. I was able to graduate at the age of 14 by simply accelerating through the program at my own pace.

We are here to help you succeed--not to stick you in a box. I am confident you will find our program to be both stimulating and a good fit for your situation."

I think this may be the program for me! I can't say for sure, of course, but I'm very happy with the quick and thorough response I received.

Charissa said...

What's the name of the program? I'd love to check it out myself!

Also, you were given a couple of suggestions by commenters on the previous post. Don't forget to check them out.

Christina said...

When I was looking into curriculum choices I too found Abeka to be very rigid. In the end we went with several differnt ones but I have found that I am skipping and taking out things, like you did with the spelling and handwriting, that I don't see as important. I also take out concepts and certain information that I don't feel Kallie needs to grasp onto to hold a job, to be independent and to be successful.