Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've been tagged by, I think 3 people, to name 7 (I think?) random facts about myself. Boy, am I lazy tonight or what?

So here goes....
1. My parents named me after reading a book by Charles Swindoll, who mentioned his daughter, Charissa. They pronounced it "Chereesa", as in rhyming with Teresa. Later, like when I was 12 or so, they heard him speak about his daughter Charissa, only to find out that my name should have been pronounced "Karissa".

2. I have never seen Grey's Anatomy, the X Files, Desperate Housewives, or Seinfeld, and I have only seen one episode of American Idol, and that was only because I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

3. I was in the historic 1976 earthquake in Guatemala when my parents were missionaries. One of my first memories is my mom carrying me, running out of the house, mirrors and pictures falling off walls, and sheetrock crumbling around us.

4. I will eat just about anything but I hate Cheezit crackers and macaroni and cheese.

5. My feet are always cold.

6. I love the Goodwill.

7. I hope we'll adopt more children someday.

I tag my two newest blogging friends, Melissa M. and Melissa G.

1 comment:

Dalene said...

My feet are always Hot, and I'll bet you 5 bucks Charles named his girl after the character in the Faerie Queen, thus giving credit to my theory about you. And I thought you had a DIFFERENT first memory!!!! (or did you say that was ONE of yours???)