Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pilgrim Party

We wrapped up our Pilgrim study today by having a Thanksgiving feast with the Wright family, authentic Pilgrim style.
Delahne made succotash stew and scones. I made Indian corn pudding and bannock cakes, or pilgrim pancakes, as my kids now call them, complete with homemade cranberry jelly. Mmmmmm. Since the Pilgrims hated water we drank hot tea instead. We thought about pretending to drink beer like the Pilgrim children did, but then I remembered how Hope loves to tell her business to every stranger she meets, and decided I would just be setting myself up for another awkward moment.

Delahne found a game of Thanksgiving Bingo, or "Jingo", actually. I was impressed at how much the kids had learned.
My crafty friend Delahne led us all in making Thanksgiving crafts. Even 1 yr. old Caleb and Ava made foot prints and hand prints. It made me realize those cute little footprint crafts are definitely for the mother's enjoyment, and not for the baby's.
Here are some of the handprint turkeys the kids made. Hope is thankful for pianos, paper, Mom and Dad, Ava, and hands.
Jude is thankful for Jesus, Ava, friends, famle, and down singrom
Simeon is thankful for food, friends, house, family, and "My little Ava"
Liesel is thankful for Mom and Dad, dogs, brothers and sisters, her teacher, and of course......Ava.
And everyone contributed to Ava's thankful list. She is thankful for family, food, candy, and brothers and sisters.


Lacia said...

Awww...that is so sweet that they are all thankful for their newest sister!

Tim Rovenstine said...

Being truly grateful is key to getting rid of bitterness, resentment and strife. It mostly is taught. You're doing good.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving
I hope you do not mind but I am sharing your princess ava on my blog today for famiy to see how much she has blossomed. She is a blessing from God. Hugs to all of you this holiday season.
Tammy RR

jennifer... said...

Love it, love it, love it.  I am thankful for down syngrom too since it was the catalyst that brought Ava to her family. 

The Urbans said...

Of course, Tammy. Thank you.

Justine said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. I pray my current kids will feel the same way about their new sibling. You are doing a great job, Charissa.


schoolmother said...

I love the down singrom part. Such a cute, sweet post.

Carri said...

Happy Thanksgiving Urban family. Liesel we still need to get together for a girls day. Will you all be around during the Christmas break? James is off for most of it, so I could easily get away for some bonding time with my girl Liesel.