Friday, November 14, 2008

I hardly ever have pictures of Simeon because he doesn't like to have his picture taken. Of course, he enjoys sneaking my camera while I'm not looking and taking goofy pictures of himself. Go figure.
Yesterday Hope was pulling Ava on the little wagon. Just as I yelled, "SLOW DOWN- AND MOVE TO THE GRASS!", Ava toppled out of the wagon smack-dab on her face onto the driveway. She cried for maybe 30 seconds at the most, and then when I picked her up she snuggled in so sweet to me and smiled, clearly comforted in mama's arms. It was a wonderful feeling. I am sure glad she has a high pain tolerance, with so many brothers and sisters who love to tote her around and give her rides on things. I did send a note with her to school explaining the bruise on her forehead, and scrapes on her nose, just in case there were questions.
Liesel is my emerging scientist, always looking for fossils, or wanting to look at something under the microscope. Here she is making a fossil stamp. Yesterday in her journal she wrote that she loves science and art. It's fun to think about what the future holds for each of my kids. Piano for the boys, maybe?
Trisha asked recently what the younger kids do while the older kids are doing school. Well, here is what Ava likes best: crawling around, looking for markers without lids to chew on and make marks on her clothes and carpet with.
Yesterday she removed the basket of Legos from the bottom shelf of the school room, and after flinging Lego's around for a little bit, she crawled up on the empty shelf just like this:
Hope thought it looked like so much fun that she removed the craft box right above the Lego shelf, and made her own little cubby to hide in.
Here is the inflatable slide from last weekend that Ava loved so much. We really need to get a slide for this girl!!!!
My friend Melanie recently had a baby girl. Her name is Mikaya. Isn't she beautiful? She graciously let Hope hold her. I got to hold her too. What a treat!
And guess what I've been doing all day today? Thank goodness for washing machines!


Susan said...

That's quite a lick Ava got on her poor forehead...I'm glad she wasn't badly hurt. Whew, all the bumps and bruises little ones acquire - I'm sure it hurts their parents just as much, if not more, when spills happen.

It looks as if "YAVA!" is written in felt-tip on Ava's shirt...maybe short for "Yay, AVA!!"??

And I love your two little "book-end" girls. Great to see Ava (aka YAVA!) up on her hands and knees, too!

Simeon's self-portrait is a hoot! Good photographer..

There are loads of fossils where I live, here atop an ancient inland sea. Google "kentucky fossils" and you'll find a wonderful website with photos, geared for kids, that's both interesting and a huge help in fossil info. and i.d. They are intriguing and fun to collect and marvel over.

Susan in Ky

Lacia said...

Awww...poor Ava...what a nasty bruise!

Cammie Heflin said...

Poor Ava! Hope is just too cute for words! That Liesel amazes me, she is such a gift!

Tim Rovenstine said...

I think you need to get those kids prepared for a LONG trip to Ole Mexico and see the Monarch Butterflies.. Dec. 31st, I'll meet you at the Border.

Christina L said...

Poor little thing. That looks like it hurt. Mine always got some type of head bonk right before some sort of family portrait. I guess, kids will be kids.

Anonymous said...

You are going to Mexico? Very much enjoyed visiting with you...sorry about the nasty bump. I hate car rides with 3 rambunctious boys!!!! I will contact you again next time we are in that neck of the woods! Lisa A

schoolmother said...

Thanks Charissa for the
"twenty things" list a few posts back. It gives me a lot to think about.

Christina said...

Man that bruise looks like it hurts! I remember my girls getting bruises all the time and wondering if people were like, WOW! LOL Your kids are just too sweet Charissa. I think my Brittany might like to be a scientist too! She LOVES LOVES LOVES doing experiments! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Becoming Me said...

These pictures are sooo adorable

WheresMyAngels said...

Stop beating your child, or at least showing the evidence!! lol

The shelf pictures is the best! I love Hope's little area, her and Aysha would have a blast together as that is something Aysha would do.

Hope your lil man is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Ava has grown and changed so much due to your family's love and care. Seeing the Ukraine pics really shows how much she has changed!! Thank God you came into her life!
Poor baby girl, what a bonk on her head!
Hope, what a pretty thing!

Anonymous said...

Ava is just blooming!! I love watching her change, grow, and learn!
Sharon from MO