Thursday, November 6, 2008

Marlita asked:
How do you know if a chicken's egg is fertilized?

I have no idea!!!! (Anyone else care to answer the question?)


Tracie said...

Sit on it. If it hatches it's fertilized. If it start stinking, it's not.

Sorry, I'm a country girl that used to have chickens but I have no clue if there's any other way to find out!

mom2four said...

There is actually a process called candling. You use a light and piece of cardboard with a hole just larger than a pin hole. You shine the light on one side and hold the egg on the other side (you do this after the egg is about a week old) you do this in a darker area and if the egg looks clear it's NOT fertile, if there is a dark spot, it IS fertile. As far as when you crack it open an infertile egg has an irregularly shaped blastodisc, a fertile egg has a perfectly round blastoderm.......that's that white spot near the yolk :) HTHs! LOL

AZmomto8 said...

There is a spot of blood in the yolk, that is the baby chick.

Tim Rovenstine said...

Do you have any roosters running around in the yard? This is a good sign.

Jester 5 said...

I have no idea. God made me a city girl for a good reason. :)

Actually it made me think about the time one of our friends wanted me to step in on a conversation with our then 5 year old son.

This friend had a female bird and he mentioned how she had some eggs that weren't any good. Of course my "all questions" son wanted to know why they weren't any good. I just sat back and laughed. The friend looked at me like now how do I explain this to a 5 year old.

My husband and I still laugh about it.