Monday, November 3, 2008

If you are local.....

Please consider joining our family for this event tonight:

The Russian Orphan Lighthouse Project is pleased to announce a program
of Russian song and poetry scheduled for Monday, November 3, at 7:00
p.m. Thirteen Russian orphans are spending October 31- November 9 with
Tulsa-area host families, giving them the opportunity to meet Jesus and
hopefully, a forever family. You will have a chance to meet children
available for adoption: Anatoly, 7; Alexei P., 10; Alexei M., 14; Alexei
S., 12; Lima, 10; Nikolai, 13; Dmitri, 10; Ekaterina, 14; Denis, 13;
Dmitri, 12; Tanya, 14; Andrei, 12; and Anton, 11. Even if your only
desire is to support the children, you are welcome. If you know of other
Christian families interested in adoption, please urge them to attend.
Adoptive families would likely need to make only one trip to Russia if
they spend time with one of these children this week, instead of the two
trips that are normally required. The program is free and will be at
Grace Baptist Church, 6611 N. 193rd E. Avenue, Owasso, Oklahoma.
Refreshments will be served. If you have questions, please call Becky De
Nooy at (918) 504-9908. To read more about this project visit this website.

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Anonymous said...

It has bugged me to know HOW they get visas for these kinds of kids. Your story is moving, hope they find a family, each one. Someone who loves you in Nuevo Laredo, Texas