Friday, November 21, 2008

Jude has been saving up his monthly allowance to buy himself a guitar. Here he is learning how to tune it. He had $28 left over and he wanted to give it to the Palmer family to bring little Sterling home. Aw. I was touched, and I think the Palmers were too.
Ava has a certain fondness for one particular sibling. Maybe because he is the only one who hasn't dropped her, bitten her, dressed her in princess clothes, fixed her hair like Beethoven, or dropped her out of the wagon.
We went to Kidsworld last weekend, where we learned a lot of neat things about different countries around the world. Notice the chinese kung fu headband, on these Russian folks.
Here is my little Ukrainian girl wearing Dutch shoes. Considering my Dutch heritage, I think this is a pretty sweet photo.
Ms. Leader is the lady we visit at the nursing home weekly. She has become like family to us, and as you can see Ava has become very fond of her too. I encourage anyone who does not have grandparents close, to adopt a grandparent! It has been a wonderful experience for our family.

Remember that old show, MacGyver? That has become a favorite with our kids and their friends. I have never seen a TV show hold the attention of so many kids of different ages and genders at the same time.

John enjoys watching Monday night football with my uncles and my brother-in-law. We got to host it this week. Since we only have one TV in our house, the kids and I drew pictures and played board games in the other room. I noticed that at halftime, the TV went mute and my uncles prayed for various family members and loved ones. I love that about my family.
I think I deserve some kind of reward for cooking every day in a triangle shaped kitchen with these little objects and bodies all around my feet. I am so popular around here.
I just started a "Wall of Art". As our art work is piling up, and drawers are filling up, I decided to take advantage of my long hall wall to display some of our masterpieces. Can you tell which is Hope's vase of flowers?
Moses is my nephew Von's dog. We are going to take care of him for awhile while Von is undergoing his chemotherapy treatments. He is a good dog and he is adjusting well to the Urban Country life. Jason told us not to spoil him too much, as he will have to go back to being an outside dog when he goes home. (For the record, I did not take this picture of Moses in bed with the girls).
Here he is talking to his boy, Von.
That's our week in a nutshell. :)


Christina L said...

I got really excited seeing the choc lab in the photos, until I read that Moses has to go back. We have a choc lab and her name is Cloe. How old is Moses? Cloe is 2. She is an inside dog, but we won't let Moses get jealous about that. Looks like a lot of helpers in the kitchen.

McKenna said...

I loved seeing pictures of Ava!! She looks more grown up every time you post pictures of her sweet face!

Charissa said...

Moses is about a year old. His mother got hit by a semi truck when he was just a couple of weeks old, so he was raised on a bottle. An orphan puppy. I have a feeling Moses would really like to meet Chloe. He is going through a "phase" if you know what I mean. :)

JUST A MOM said...

Do you get Family Fun magazine? The October issue had some really cute ideas for hanging kids art around the house. If you don't, let me know and I'll send you mine.

BTW- loved the football 'praying' party. PRICELESS!

(Tate's mommy)

Pan Cratius said...

So, if Moses the dog had a mother that got ran over, that would make him an orphan. Fits into your family profile. Come on North Moses.

Christina L said...

I think all labs go through a "phase". Ours is starting to get out of hers, but we have moments of insanity.

Well, if you want to get the labs together, just let me know.

Carri said...

Hey, we know the Palmers. We worked with Adam at Mardel. How do you know them?