Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moving with kids

I asked the kids to help me label boxes since I can't stand the feeling of writing on cardboard with a sharpie marker.  Isn't that a great "E"?
These pictures are proof that kids don't need toys...Two kids playing soldiers with some pails and a couple of sticks.

Two girls feeding Pop Tarts to the birds....
What? A dolly ramp? Nope, that's not a dolly ramp. It's a snow sled slide, minus the snow.
Hope is saying, "Mom, why do you always take our picture?"

Hope found this mop bucket left behind by the previous home owners, she thought it would make a great wagon to tote things.
Me: "Hope, are you OK?" Hope: "Yeah, Mom, I'm just looking for frogs and worms."
Jude is taking  a little rest (and a spin) after moving all that stuff out of  the Pod.

Liesel making a fort with empty cardboard boxes....
And a spider web gate out of the packing rope....nice.
Simeon is quite distracted by the pond in the front of the property.


Christina L said...

Looks like you all have been having a great time. I hope you are getting settled. It is so hard getting everything just the way you want it; especially with the help of kids. We loved coming up on Friday night. The kids had a blast and are wondering when they can come again. No pressure!!! I can't wait until we can get our land.

Amy said...

I'm so glad that you are still blogging! It looks like your kids are loving the new house!
Ava's hair is really starting to grow! It is so wonderful to see all the progress she has made!

Best wishes!

kirsten said...

Love the name of your new blog....and loved the video of Ava saying "baby"!
Your house looks amazing...country life will be perfect for the Urbans.

Kelsie said...

What does the box say? It looks like "Hofie". But I'm guessing "Hope"? not sure though... Love the pictures!

Love Kelsie

WheresMyAngels said...

Your cracking me up! Great pictures and love all those Hope findings.

Hite Family said...

Love the new house, It looks like the kids made the best out of unpacking, lol!

RoverHaus said...


Thanks for sharing these really great photos.

I can see the fun and the 'mommy tolerance' factor in here too.

You're a great mom!

Jeremy and Melanie said...

How exciting to have wide open spaces for the kids! Congratulations on getting all moved - hope you are able to feel settled soon!

Christine said...

Your new home rocks! How cool is that that you have a pond in front of your home?

Carri said...

What fun! Tell Liesel I haven't forgotten about our special "girls afternoon". I wasn't able to get it together in that week before you moved. We'll get something worked out soon. Very soon!