Monday, September 22, 2008


Have I mentioned how many signs Ava does now?
- "drink"
-"all done"
-"bye bye"
and her latest.....

Remember how terrified she was of the bathtub and water? How times have changed! I found myself repeatedly saying, "Girls, calm down!", last night. (Never thought I'd be telling Ava to calm down). Take a look at this: (You might want to turn your volume down) :)


Christina L said...

That many signs are amazing. She looked like she really had a great time with her bath, as did Hope.

Marlita said...

You forgot water and doggie, and that she almost has " Aunt" down.

Anonymous said...

Will she watch TV? There is a show on PBS that does signing....great show. Also, signing times.

She is such a miracle - Alana

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and my kids want me to show the videos over and over. You and your family are such an inspiration. Thanks for nursing Henry back to health while we were there Friday. His owies are healing great!

Melissa G.

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness, Hope looks JUST like you Charissa :) You have an amazingly cute family!

mom2four said...

awww, to cute! She even looks like she's gaining size on Hope!!

Janell & Kenny said...

I was so amazed at this! I totally forgot that you used to bathe her in the kitchen sink as fast as you could b/c she absolutely hated every minute of it. WOW! Sorry we got cut off yesterday on the phone. We had to bag ice. I'm sure you were busy w/ something too. ~hugs~

Kelly said...

Charissa!! I can hardly believe that is Ava - is that even the same child I knew in Artemovsk??????? How WONDERFUL to see her sitting up, enjoying a bath, being kissed by her sister. Oh, it just does my heart good to see how happy and healthy she is now! YIPPEEEEEEE! - Love from your friend Kelly in NE

Kelsie said...

She sounds like she can SAY "mama" too... :)


Christine said...

How cute! I especially love the big kiss Liesel gives Ava!