Monday, September 8, 2008

Unexpected treasures and unwelcome guests

We are loving our new home! We keep finding little treasures that make us think it was designed just for us!!!

Stained and already distressed concrete floors...perfect for kids who love the outdoors and this dog's furry (and sometimes muddy) paws.....And what a perfect color: brown.
This custom built farm table left behind by the previous owners....seats 12. Looks like we have room for a few more orphans (Shhh.....Don't tell John I wrote that). This was our first meal here.
Lovely rose bushes....The kids love to pick roses for me (and I love to receive them)
This bell for ringing at dinner time....Never mind the bird just means there are birds nearby. It feels so much like the Waltons here, especially when we holler across the house at each other from our beds.
Look. A little bird motel!
Living close to the airport, the kids love to watch airplanes fly over all day. OK, so I guess the Waltons didn't get to experience that.
And this little critter came looking for food at 1 a.m. I thought it was a giant rat at first, and was relieved when I realized it was only a possum. I'm not sure what makes a possum any more pleasant than a rat, but in my mind there is quite a bit of a difference.


Melissa Mc said...

Sounds like that house was made for you! We are moving on Friday, I know we too will have unexpected treasures, but hopefully not the unwelcome guest:)

Shea said...

I love your pics and your new home is lovely! It sounds like your family is settling in very well. Tell Hope I like her haircut too.

Christina said...

What a neat home! I am super jealous..Loved the orphan comment!

Christina L said...

It is a lovely home. I can't wait until we can enjoy the outdoors from our farm. Continue to enjoy the little treasures along the way.

The Gross Family said...

Congratulations on finally moving! What a relief. Hopefully you will be better at unpacking than I am. I still have boxes sitting around from my move in April. Bad Mommy!


WheresMyAngels said...

Yuk, that looks like a big rat, but it is well worth it, cause the rest of your place is so beautiful! Love that table!

mom2four said...

wow, how wonderful you all are settling in!! I LOVE the house and can't wait for the day we find our "perfect fit" too ;)

Leah said...

Oh oh oh...move the dog food inside! The possum will keep coming for it, but they're kind of like racoons, in that they get more and more brazen and bold, BUT NASTY!!! We raise dogs, and had I had a litter of puppies that, while housed in the house, I would feed them outside, and there was lots of spillage. Then the possums started coming around, and then they'd stopped moving when I tried to chase them away! THEN they started snarling at the dogs to get to the food FIRST! Lots of disease with the possums. BLECH